Liz Burch as Candice

Liz Burch

Candice is in her mid to late forties. She married Richard because she adored his energy and the excitement of being with him. She became the perfect wife—organising dinner parties, holidays with work colleagues, at his side through several lengthy court cases—until one affair too many. Now she is paying out on him, big time. Though all Candice wants is to have Richard back, she’ll discover there can be much more to a woman’s life.

An accomplished actor, Liz Burch has featured in over 35 films, television and stage productions both in Australia and overseas.

She is known to audiences around the world as the central character, Dr Chris Randall, in FLYING DOCTORS, which screened in 15 countries. She still gets fan mail from Germany and the Netherlands.

Liz’s theatrical credits are many and varied and have included LEND ME A TENOR, CARAVAN, A BED FULL OF FOREIGNERS, STEAMING and TABLE FOR ONE. She played Jaquie in David Williamson’s MONEY AND FRIENDS at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney.

She has appeared in the films, FAIR GAME, TUNNEL VISION and ROSES.

In television Liz has featured in some of the most successful dramas in the country: ALL SAINTS, WATER RATS, OCEAN GIRL 3 and 4, WILDSIDE, G.P., HOME AND AWAY and earlier in her career shows like JIMMY DANCER, COP SHOP, FIVE MILE CREEK and PLAYSCHOOL.

Liz said she worked very hard on her auditions to get the part of Candice. “CRASHBURN is a lovely story with good writers. I think Candice is a woman who has been hurt by her husband. She is not bitter but she just wants him back. She’s quite clever really.”