Bob Franklin as Theo

Bob Franklin

Theo shared a flat with Ben and Adam in the past. When the others moved on, Theo stayed put. He is a needlessly intense man of strange disposition. He is feral. He lacks hygiene standards and has only basic motor skills when it comes to dealing with the outside world. He nonetheless proffers advice without restraint.

The multi-talented Bob Franklin is a creator, performer and writer. He is a well- known stand-up comedian, having performed at pubs and clubs in London, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as working in the U.S., France and Bermuda.

Bob grew up in England and Wales and has a BA Honours degree in British Contemporary Studies. It was while he was at university where he made a tape of impersonations that his career as a comedian began. After completing his course, he did standup comedy at night in pubs and clubs around England. During the day he worked on building sites and did other odd jobs.

In 1989 he came to Australia, first to Sydney where he performed at The Comedy Store and the Harold Park Hotel and then to Melbourne to do gigs at The Joke. He came to Melbourne with Jimeoin and the two of them set up a Comedy Night Out at the Star and Garter Hotel in South Melbourne.

Bob has a long list of television credits and has been a writer and performer for the RUSSELL GILBERT SHOW, THE MICALLEF PROGRAM, HESSIE’S SHED, THE MICK MOLLOY SHOW, SOMETHING HOT BEFORE BED and three very successful series of JIMEOIN from 1994-1996 where he was well known as Jimeoin’s regular partner in the cooking show.

He was co-creator, writer and performer for INTRODUCING GARY PETTY, which screened on The Comedy Channel in 2000 and won him an Australian Writers Guild Award. He also wrote and performed in SMALL TALES AND TRUE, a series of mock documentaries for the Comedy Channel.

He has many comedic theatrical credits including The Cooking Show he performed at the Edinburgh Festival, Bob and Marty on Ice at the Comics Lounge in 2001, and is a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

His most recent acting credits include Sid in AFTER THE DELUGE for Network Ten and the co-lead with Mick Molloy in the film BAD EGGS.

“Theo is your basic slob,” says Bob. “He’s one of these people who doesn’t care how he is perceived by other people. He goes his own way and if other people aren’t happy it’s entirely their problem and nothing is going to alter that.” Bob says that in SMALL TALES he played a character much worse than Theo and that nasty roles are more interesting!