Sacha Horler as Abby

Sacha Horler

Abby is Rosie’s oldest friend. Earthy and committed to her work as a zookeeper, we track Abby over a decade from the time the two women shared a flat. Abby’s theories about animal behaviour apply directly to her own life and she seems to view her marriage to Garry in entirely functional terms. Through the turmoil of Rosie’s marriage break-up, though, she begins to wonder whether that small genetic variation between apes and us might be the source of deep love and profound connection with another human being.

Sacha Horler is one of Australia’s most successful young actresses. The first ten years of her life were spent sneaking around backstage at Sydney’s famous Nimrod Theatre. Co-founded in the 70s by her parents, Nimrod was where Sacha grew up, watching hundreds of plays and picking up the glasses in the bar. Since graduating from NIDA in 1993 she has worked extensively in theatre, film and television.

Sacha has worked for all the major theatrical companies in Sydney. Her theatre highlights include new Australian works by Nick Enright (PLAYGROUNDS, QUARTET FROM ROGOLETTO) and Bea Christian (BLUE MURDER) as well as Pinter’s classic THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (Belvoir); the lead role of Verge in DIVING FOR PEARLS, Ana in Hannie Rayson’s hit LIFE AFTER GEORGE, THE VISIT, THE CRUCIBLE, PYGMALION and recently in Benedict Andrews production of THE THREE SISTERS, all for the Sydney Theatre Company. Sacha has played Ophelia to Jeremy Sims’ HAMLET (Belvoir). Last December she played the lead—a 12-year-old Russian girl in, SVETLANA IN SLINGBACKS, in the Sydney premiere, for company B Belvoir.

In 1999 Sacha won two AFI awards. Best Actress for her portrayal of ex-junkie Cynthia in the critically acclaimed film PRAISE and the AFI for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Nadia in SOFT FRUIT. Both films won awards in Australia and overseas and were screened at festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin and San Sebastian. She followed up with the films MY MOTHER FRANK, RUSSIAN DOLL and WALK THE TALK.

Her television credits include GRASS ROOTS and SECRET BRIDESMAIDS BUSINESS. In early 2003 Sacha appeared in the second series of GRASS ROOTS. She will soon be seen in a new film with Pia Miranda—TRAVELLING LIGHT.

Talking about the role of Abby she says: “Abby is a real person who is somewhat eccentric. Because she is a zookeeper she looks at the world from a naturalistic perspective. The natural order of things is the right order and humans need to get back into contact with their instincts! She is a great character and Deb and Andrew have written a beautiful relationship between Rosie and Abby. They are best friends but tough on each other.”