Women of the Sun: episode guide


Episode 4
Monday, July 26, 1982
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Ann Cutler is the 18-year-old adopted daughter of middle-class parents in an Australian country town. She has been told that she is French-Polynesian and that there is no record of her birth parents beyond knowledge of their nationality. The truth is that she is born of her adoptive father, Doug Cutler, and an Aboriginal woman called Alice Wilson, who lives locally.

A land dispute with the indigenous community where Alice lives brings her back in contact with Ann's father, who is responsible for representing the issue to the local government. Alice states her wish to be reunited with Ann, whose Aboriginal name is Lo-Arna, forcing Doug Cutler to reveal the truth to Ann.

Ann's trusting relationship with her parents changes dramatically when the situation is explained to her. She feels conflicted and insecure, and attempts to resolve her emotional turmoil by establishing contact with Alice. Ann drives to Alice's home, but when she arrives there she finds the situation too confronting and turns to leave. Alice chases after Ann's car as she drives away. The film ends when Ann stops the car to finally meet her birth mother.


  • Michelle Lanyon as Ann Cutler
  • Max Phipps as Doug Cutler
  • Fiona Spence as Joy Cutler
  • Eva Birrit as Alice Wilson
  • Mollie Dyer as Val Pearce
  • David Cameron as Nick
  • Bob Maza as Jimmy Randle
  • Michael Cockatoo as Peter Randle
  • Gordon Edwards as Jamie Randle
  • Margaret Tucker as Grannie Johnson
  • Amanda Muggleton as Secretary
  • Adele Lewin as Receptionist
  • James Wright as Public Servant
  • Osvaldo Maione as President
  • Luciano Catenacci as Secretary
  • Giancarlo Giusli as Treasurer
  • Jo Ghiocas as Doorman
  • Terry Trimble as Building Inspector
  • John Callum-Howell as Demolition S'visor
  • David Hursthouse as Health Inspector
  • Victor Kazan as Senior Constable
  • Peter Statford as Harry Stark
  • John Murphy as Frank O'Shaugnessy
  • Janet Lord as Waitress
  • Tony Grande as Toni
  • Greg Stroud as Telecom Boy
  • Diana Murray as Young Woman
  • Ron Johnson as Young Man
  • George Novak as Stunts