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Maydina The Shadow

Episode 2
Monday, July 12, 1982
Story and script by Hyllus Maris and Sonia Borg
Directed by David Stevens

The story opens with the escape of Maydina and her half-caste daughter, Biri, from seal hunters who enslaved them. Their intent is to escape back to their traditional lands, but they quickly learn that these lands have been settled and their people have scattered.

Without food or shelter, Maydina and Biri are ultimately delivered to a Christian mission run by a woman called Mrs McPhee. While Maydina is put into service at the mission, Mrs McPhee takes a special interest in Biri's religious education and separates her from her mother.

Sickened by her existence at the mission, Maydina escapes with Biri and another Aboriginal man to re-establish a tribal way of life. Mrs McPhee dispatches troopers to return the escapees. They shoot the man and separate Maydina and Biri forever.


  • Mawiyul Yanthaluway as Maydina
  • Julia Blake as Mrs McPhee
  • Freddie Reynolds as Charlie/Joala
  • Bill Johnson as Rev. Bligh
  • Sonia Pozzana as Biri
  • Doug Briggs as Little Johnny
  • James Laurie as Edward
  • Essie Coffey as Maggie
  • Annie Saward as Matilda
  • Roger Oakley as Mr Johnson
  • Wangjuk Marka as Old Tommy
  • Alfred Austin as Old Timothy
  • Michael Duffield as Muller
  • Chris Heywood as Alf
  • Tommy Dysart as Joe
  • Inez Harold as Takar
  • Neil McColl as Sergeant
  • Howard Eynon as Sergeant
  • Cyril Cooper as Trooper
  • Arthur Edwards as Trooper
  • Ron Johnson as Trooper
  • Ollie Patton as Trooper