Women of the Sun: episode guide

Nerida Anderson

Episode 3
Monday, July 19, 1982
Directed by Stephen Wallace

The story of Nerida Anderson is set in 1939 and based on an event known as the Cumeroongunga Walkout.

Nerida is a young and rebellious woman who returns to the government mission where her family lives, the Koomalah Aboriginal Reserve, after spending several years in the city. She is shocked by the conditions on the mission and attempts to motivate her people to improve them.

The Aboriginal community first presents a petition to the governing body of the mission, the Aboriginal Protection Board, but when their plea is ignored Nerida decides drastic measures need to be taken. She convenes an illegal meeting to discuss collective actions that might be taken to improve the situation. The reserve manager retaliates by having Nerida and her family tried for treason.

The court judges the charge to be inappropriate and questions why the issue has not been taken up by the Aboriginal Protection Board. While the charge is dropped, the manager continues in his post and life on the mission continues to get worse. Realizing that nothing will change through due process, Nerida motivates all Aborigines on the mission to 'walk-out' and establish independent lives.

Film location: Warrock Homestead, Casterton


  • Justine Saunders as Nerida Anderson
  • Graham Rouse as Mr Felton
  • Felicity Gordon as Mrs Felton
  • Minnie Patton as Grannie Anderson
  • Lorraine Mafi-Williams as Ivy Anderson
  • Stan Roach as Bill Anderson
  • Paul Pryer as Ron Anderson
  • Joyce Johnson as Auntie Rachel
  • Monty Prior as Andy
  • Yvette Isaacs as Maisie
  • Ed Thurley as Frank Reilly
  • Robin Cuming as Mr Short
  • Geoff Perry as Mr Watson
  • Jack Charles as Peter
  • Wesley Williams as Eddy
  • Phemie Day as Alma
  • Aaron Williams as Smallboy
  • Bill Bennett as Magistrate
  • David John as Clerk of Court
  • Peter Aanesen as Prosecuting Sergeant
  • David Ashton as Senior Constable
  • Johnnie Quinn as Policeman Constable