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Alinta The Flame

Episode 1
Monday, July 5, 1982 (Ch 0/28, 8pm)
Directed by James Ricketson

This story brings its audience closest to the customs and culture of tribal Aborigines, and gives a fascinating insight into rituals and legends which has no previous screen counterpart.

The lives of the Nyari people are completely disrupted when two escaped translation from a tribal language convicts are washed up on the beach of their tribal lands. This initial encounter between the two peoples highlights the unique customs and culture of tribal Aborigines. They provide food and shelter to the convicts despite the possible threat to the tribe and the warnings of some of the tribe's elders.

The Nyari people subsequently meet other white settlers who arrive with the intent of settling their land. The episode emphasizes the spiritual and ancestral value of land to the Nyari people, in sharp contrast to the importance of land as a source of wealth and power for the white settlers. In the end, the settlers annihilate the tribe and only Alinta remains with her child.

"The language used in the film is that of the people of Lake Evela (Northern Territory) who travelled to Victoria to portray the spirit of those who once were the owners of South Eastern Australia"


  • Naykakan Munung as Young Alinta
  • Yangathu Wanambi as Alinta
  • Gordon Lanyipi as Murra
  • William Zappa as McNab
  • Gati Munyarryua as Towradgi
  • Garrala Gurruwiwi as Turuga
  • Walumarri Wunungmurra as Morrorra
  • Wurrandilngawuy as Kiah
  • Adam Joseph as Finlay
  • Nippuranydja Munungurr as Waroo
  • Beyawuy Murawili as Young Wonda
  • Tony Hawkins as Goodman
  • David Scott as Fisher
  • Ken Grant as Bosun
  • Reg Evans as Stuckey
  • Dhapanga Dhamarrandgi as Conara
  • Wirrikuwuy Munungmurra as Nowra
  • Danydioti Dhamarrandgi as Ingar
  • Ross Williams as Sailor
  • Chris Barry as Sailor
  • Gjondu Wanambi as Tulla
  • Raparawuy Gurruwiwi as Neer-wun
  • David Yunipingu as Joe
  • Bill Bowker as Horserider
  • Neil Waters as Horserider
  • Geoff Lucas as Horserider