Producer: Bob Weis
Executive Producers: David Leonard and John Martin
Story and Scripts by: Hyllus Maris & Sonia Borg

Aired: July 5 - 26, 1981 (SBS)

An extraordinary drama series about the lives of Aboriginal women over two centuries of Australian history. The series tells the story of Aboriginal history from an indigenous perspective. It marked the first such portrayal of Australian history to a wide national audience and helped inspire a revision of the country's history to include the Aboriginal experience. First screened on SBS in 1981, the series was met with national and international acclaim, winning the United Nations Media Peace Prize, two Australian Writers' Guild Awards and five Penguin Awards.
Naykakan MunungYoung Alinta
Yangathu WanambiAlinta
Gordon LanyipiMurra
William ZappaMcNab
Mawiyul YanthaluwayMaydina
Julia BlakeMrs McPhee
Freddie ReynoldsCharlie/Joala
Bill JohnsonRev. Bligh
Justine SaundersNerida Anderson
Graham RouseMr Felton
Felicity GordonMrs Felton
Minnie PattonGrannie Anderson
Michelle LanyonAnn Cutler
Max PhippsDoug Cutler
Fiona SpenceJoy Cutler
Eva BirritAlice Wilson
1982 promo from The Age, July 5, 1982

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