Wentworth: episode guide


Episode 9.01 (91)
Tuesday, August 24, 2021 (8:30)
Written by Kim Wilson
Directed by Fiona Banks

The final season of Wentworth begins with the prison community reeling from the aftermath of the last season's bloody siege, with a new leader at the helm and four heritage characters from the original Prisoner series set to enter the compound.

The season begins three weeks after the shivving of Allie. Marie enlists Sheila's help to take out Lou, with tragic unforeseen consequences.


  • Leah Purcell as Rita Connors
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sue 'Boomer' Jenkins
  • Robbie J Magasiva as Will Jackson
  • Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak
  • Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Ruby Mitchell
  • Susie Porter as Marie Winter
  • Kate Box as Louise "Lou" Kelly
  • Zoe Terakes as Reb Keane
  • Vivienne Awosoga as Judy Bryant
  • Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
  • Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson


  • Marta Dusseldorp as Sheila Bausch
  • David De Lautour as Dr Greg Miller
  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
  • Louisa Mignone as Zaina Saad
  • Jennifer Vuletic as Mandy
  • Greg Fryer as Blair Mitchell
  • Fanny Hanusin as Zheng
  • Elaine Crombie as Aunty Fran
  • Damien Fotiou as Detective Puzo
  • Laila Thaker as Detective Sayers
  • Mimi Kwa as TV Reporter
  • Leigh Booth as Detective #1
  • Ben Robinson as Detective #2
  • Mandy Lay as Governor's PA
  • Paul Rochford as Stunt Officer
  • Dwayne Hooper as Kitchen Officer