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Episode 5.01 (47)
Tue, April 04, 2017
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Mat King

Emotional, psychological and professional shockwaves pound the inmates and staff of Wentworth Correctional Centre. Governor Vera Bennett is under fire from Corrective Services and, with Will on suspension, she is relying more on her deputy Jake, not realising he is now Ferguson's puppet.

New top dog Kaz has a challenge to restore order amongst the traumatised inmates, though Sonia remains aloof focusing on her upcoming trial. Liz has to decide if she follows her heart or her head. Doreen struggles with being separated from her son and Boomer supports Maxine as she continues her battle with breast cancer.

Recovering from Bea's death, Allie returns to Wentworth seeking vengeance against Ferguson. But her attack is thwarted when Ferguson seizes the opportunity to make a powerful statement and create a sense of fear around her.

Vera is faced with the problem of finding out who let Bea into a restricted area to be killed by Ferguson. Covering her own tracks, Vera is forced to compromise her own ethics by pinning it on a scapegoat.

Meanwhile, Franky finds her life unravelling when the man she assaulted, Mike Pennisi, reappears in her life.

Note: Mike Pennisi was played by Paul McDermott in episode 1.03


  • Nicole da Silva as Franky Doyle
  • Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson
  • Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
  • Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens
  • Celia Ireland as Liz Birdsworth
  • Katrina Milosevic as Sue 'Boomer' Jenkins
  • Shareena Clanton as Doreen Anderson
  • Robbie J Magasiva as Will Jackson
  • Tammy MacIntosh as Kaz Proctor
  • Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak
  • Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart
  • Socratis Otto as Maxine Conway


  • Libby Tanner as Bridget Westfall
  • Jacquie Brennan as Linda Miles
  • Sally-Anne Upton as Lucy Gambaro
  • Madeleine Jevic as Nurse Lee Radcliffe
  • Bessie Holland as Stella Radic
  • Sophia Katos as Mel Barrett
  • Angela Twigg as Nina Spencer
  • Katerina Kotsonis as Officer Murphy
  • Felix Williamson as Mike Pennisi
  • Robert Grubb as Miles Strathairn
  • Daniielle Alexis as Dana Malouf
  • Leah Vandenberg as Senior Detective Ansari
  • Paul Henri as Detective Harris
  • Philli Anderson as Inmate #1 (Stunt Performer)
  • Sarah Howett as Inmate #2 (Stunt Performer)
  • Jacqueline Geelan as Inmate #3 (Stunt Performer)
  • Rian Goodge as Pennisi Stunt Double