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Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Episode 4.03
Sunday, August 28, 2011
Ratings: 1.760 million viewers (1st)
Produced by Peter Gawler, Elisa Argenzio
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by Cherlie Nowlan

Norman Bruhn's Razor Gang pushes the underworld to crisis point, threatening the crime empires of Kate, Tilly and Phil Jeffs. Amid public outrage, the police fight a losing battle to stop rival Razor Gangs terrorising the streets. The rival underworld bosses convene a summit to deal with Bruhn's gang, but are betrayed when Tilly takes matters into her own hands. After being rejected by Nellie and taunted by his rivals, Frank 'The Little Gunman' Green finally gets his chance to shine.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Norman Bruhn
  • Matt Boesenberg as John "Snowy" Cutmore
  • Guy Spence as Sid "Kicker" Kelly
  • Adam Tuominen as Frank "Jack" Hayes
  • Troy Planet as George Wallace "The Midnight Raper"
  • Adele Vuko as Gwynnie
  • Clint Foster as Tom Kelly
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford as Tilly Devine
  • Anna McGahan as Nellie Cameron
  • Jack Campbell as Jim Devine
  • Lucy Wigmore as Lillian Armfield
  • Rick Donald as Barney Dalton
  • Guy Edmonds as Greg "The Gunman" Gaffney
  • John Batchelor as Wally Tomlinson
  • Danielle Cormack as Kate Leigh
  • Pippa Grandison as Mona Woods
  • Felix Williamson as Phil "The Jew" Jeffs
  • Anna Lawrence as Irene Bruhn
  • Steve Le Marquand as Tom Wickham
  • Craig Hall as Bill Mackay
  • Tasman Palazzi as Keith Bruhn
  • Rex Palazzi as Noel Bruhn
  • Khan Chittenden as Frank "The Little Gunman" Green
  • Pacharo Mzembe as "Nigger"
  • Mick Reid as Joe McNamara
  • William Upjohn as Roy the Butcher/Barman
  • Mirka Kanova as Female Patron
  • Ben Weale as Male Patron
  • Kelly Anderson as Peg
  • Sidney Pierucci as Sailor In His Undies
  • Felix Jozeps as Ernest Wilson
  • Blade Hills as Young Cockatoo
  • Izzy Stevens as Eileen Leigh
  • Catherine Glavicic as May Seckold
  • John Bonaventura as Luigi the Barber
  • David Willis as Bill "The Octopus" Flanagan
  • Jarin Towney as Newspapaer Boy
  • Kim Knuckey as Fred Moffitt
  • Garrick Palumbo as Stunt Actor
  • Neal Horton as Stunt Actor
  • Caroline Craig as Jacqui James / Narrator


  • "Do the Stomp" performed by The Snowdroppers
  • "Bid Bad Handsome Man" performed by Imelda May
  • "Johnny Got a Boom Boom" performed by Imelda May
  • "Give Your Heart Away" performed by The Unthanks