Stormworld: about...

The Storms

Violent, but beautiful, storms sweep across the oceans and land of Stormworld in an apparently random manner. Even Khelioz, who claims to be able to predict the arrival of the rain bearing Kainar, can get caught out by the sudden appearance of the snaking Winder.

The main storms that affect the inhabitants of Stormworld are:

Twisters Howling, violent windstorms composed of air so dry that a Twister can rip the liquid out of the cells of a living creature and leave behind only the dried husk. Fast-moving and prevalent.

Kainar. The closest thing to a conventional Earth thunderstorm but with more thunder, sprays of lightning bolts and infrequent but torrential cloud- bursts of life-giving water.

Winders. Snake-like ribbons of lightning that weave sideways across land and sea.

Mystals. Relatively slow moving clouds of swirling, multi- coloured electrically charged particles. Mainly found on water, occasionally on land, Mystals float above the surface and do not appear to touch or affect their physical/natural surroundings. However any animal or bird caught in a Mystal loses all mental powers. The effect takes longer to take hold on larger animals (eg humans) but it is irreversible.

Spykestorm. Showers of deadly daggers of lighting. The lightning generally comes in sporadic bursts, but occasionally the energy of a burst consolidates into one or two large lightning bolts. Generally unpredictable but have been known to be attracted to other forms of energy.

Finally there is the Lode Storm which Jason, Lee and Flees find blocking their way to the Island of Abiders later in the story.