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The Arkoddians

The Arkoddians have been on Stormworld longer than most. They also were unusual in having arrived through the portal as a large group and therefore had a better chance than most at surviving: there is strength in numbers on this world.

Their luck, if that's the right word, held when their ship crashed on an island that had, by Stormworld standards, a reasonable supply of fresh water. Having found basic food and water they became very insular and protective. They are a strong and proud culture with total faith in their own society and a social structure that puts community first, their families second and everyone else… nowhere.

Until recent times they have kept separate/hidden from other Access Crashers. Now, with water running low on their island, they are forced to venture out, looking for fresh supplies. They are much more inclined to fight for what they want rather than barter for it. The Drogue may raid the Settlement, but at least they usually leave just enough behind for the community to survive and rebuild. When the Arkoddians arrive, they take everything.

They take for a reason. Having been on Stormworld for many years, and being part of a group that has maintained the social structure from their home world, means that Arkoddians are almost unique amongst the Access Crashers in that they have families. Relationships have formed and Arkoddian children have been born on Stormworld. If those children might be interpreted as representing hope for the future, such hopes appear quashed by a culture that, in isolation, has become rigid and bound to old ways and customs.

The Arkoddians are a race that needs more than the usual amount of water to survive. Much more than the usual. Their body chemistry means that Twisters are even more dangerous to them than others on Stormworld and that reliable water supplies are essential. This quirk in their metabolism, coupled with the innate need to preserve and protect their children, makes the Arkoddians' search for fresh water all the more constant and desperate.

The Arkoddians arrived with 7 lazbolts that were part of the ship's stores. Only three still work but they use the non-working lazbolts as props.

Individual Arkoddians tend to be claustrophobic and most prefer open spaces. For that reason they keep windows and doors open when possible. Their social system discourages "secrets" (ie privacy).