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The Drogue

It would be easy to dismiss the green-eyed Drogue as raiders or bandits. But life is rarely that simple.

The Drogue have to fight to survive like everyone else and Gol Hati is a leader who always has to look to the future for her tribe while keeping an eye on her own back. Drogue vs non- Drogue relations are a source of internal tension within the group as well as an external matter.

The Drogue flybikes can fire stunbolts — high energy blasts that can damage metal (eg burn a hole in Stormrider) but which are less effective on anything with a high liquid content, hence they only stun/disable people.

The Drogue have been on Stormworld for approximately 6 months and their technology is working but Gol Hati is aware that the solar-powered flybikes that gave them such a huge advantage when the Drogue suddenly first appeared in Stormworld have a use-by-date.

Gol Hati is therefore a leader with a few "issues". As much as anyone else on Stormworld. Gol Hati is looking for the way home. In the meantime she's surviving well enough as Bandit Queen until Makyn gives her the opportunity to wield more permanent power.