Seven Types of Ambiguity: episode guide

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Part 4
Thu, May 04, 2017
Written by Jonathan Gavin
Directed by Matthew Saville

Noting the leverage Joe seems to be gaining from Sam's kidnapping, Mitch becomes suspicious of Joe's role in the events.

Mitch and Joe's boss, Gorman, begins to underwrite their tenuous deal, just before it threatens to collapse, putting both their careers in jeopardy. The tensions heighten between Mitch and Joe as they take part in a compulsory corporate weekend away, where Joe's actions inadvertently land Mitch in hospital with a serious injury. While recovering in hospital, Mitch's wife Greta confesses she is leaving him to return to Germany. Injured and alone, Mitch's resentment towards Joe edges into paranoia, and he approaches Angela, hoping she may provide some answers.

Angela, still guilt ridden over Simon's incarceration, leads Mitch to Simon in custody, where it becomes apparent he is a vulnerable target — and needs money, quickly. Mitch, with his own medical debt mounting and deeply enamoured with Angela, develops an elaborate plan to obtain some money, leading them on a high-stakes escapade in a casino.


  • Anthony Hayes as Mitch
  • Xavier Samuel as Simon Heywood
  • Leeanna Walsman as Anna Marin
  • Andrea Demetriades as Angela
  • Freya Stafford as Greta
  • Nicholas Bell as Gorman
  • Andrew McFarlane as Don Sheere
  • Haiha Le as Ula
  • Marco Chiappi as Terry
  • Kate Cole as Helen
  • Katrina Milosevic as Claire
  • Fiona Macleod as Moira
  • Chris Kemp as Neurosurgeon
  • Lynelle Moore as Dealer
  • Craig Christie as Croupier
  • Hana O'Brien as Pole Dancer
  • Dana Certificate as Mitch Double
  • Vonne Patiag as Inmate
  • Siros Niaros as The Turk
  • Alex Yakimov as Simon Stunt Double
  • Jim Peter as Stunt Prison Fighter
  • Rian Goodge as Joe Stunt Double
  • Paul Rochford as Mitch Stunt Double
  • Warwick Sadler as Catcher
  • Richard Williams as Catcher