Seven Types of Ambiguity: episode guide

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Part 3
Thu, April 27, 2017
397,000 viewers (19th)
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Matthew Saville

Angela, Simon's close friend and neighbour, is racked with guilt over her role in Simon's arrest after alerting the police to Sam's whereabouts. The press coverage of the event horrifies Angela's conservative family, who are quick to presume Simon's guilt, leading Angela to downplay her involvement. Meanwhile, Angela's dread is compounded when she discovers Simon has ended up in hospital after been beaten while in custody.

Driven by her guilt, and unrequited love for Simon, Angela attempts to cooperate with the police in order to help him; however she soon realizes she has made a serious mistake. Through her misguided attempts to rectify the events, Angela implicates herself, making powerful enemies of the police and leading Angela to face having her identity exposed.

The press circle Angela, approaching her workplace, where her boss is faced with firing Angela in order to maintain discretion. As more details emerge publicly, Angela risks losing her most important relationship — that with her family, at the expense of her feelings for Simon.


  • Andrea Demetriades as Angela
  • Xavier Samuel as Simon Heywood
  • Alex Dimitriades as Joe Marin
  • Anthony Hayes as Mitch
  • Hugo Weaving as Dr Alex Klima
  • Sarah Pierse as Detective Staszic
  • Tony Briggs as Detective Threlfall
  • Harrison Molloy as Sam
  • Sophia Katos as Dilara
  • Katerina Kotsonis as Hamide
  • Katrina Milesevic as Claire
  • Fiona Macleod as Moira
  • George Ginis as Uncle Adir
  • Nicholas Kyriacou as Bakatur
  • Jaxson Finning as Mahir
  • Graham Jahne as Arresting Police Officer
  • Simon Farrow as Arresting Police Officer
  • Peter Lucas as Uniformed Officer
  • Tas Dimitrakakis as Remand Guard