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Episode 1.06

Wed, April 25, 2018 (9pm)
Ratings: <20th
Writer: Phil Lloyd, Charlie Garber
Directors: Erin White

At the big Sando’s Warehouse board meeting, Tony presents his vision for the future while Sando pitches for reinstatement. Her strategy — bring back the one and only thing competitors can’t replicate. Sando herself. In one more of those classic ads starring her family.

Nicky finally realises Eric has long been infatuated with her, and she sets the record straight — they’re just friends — sending him spiralling into despair. Also, worried Don is falling for Sando, Nicky sets him up with another gig and arranges a record label scout to attend.

Sando rallies the family to shoot that ‘one more ad’, but Susie has her own business funded now, with plans to bury her. Don decides to follow his own dreams for a change and passes in favour of rehearsing for that new gig.

Heartbroken, Eric can’t drag himself from bed let alone perform for the nation, and it seems the ad is doomed… that is until Eric finds out Vic Jnr is taking his place. Sando then convinces Don that national exposure will reboot his career — he’s in — and Kevin’s investment falls through, forcing Susie’s hand… and the stage is set for the reunion. But is the Sandringham family finally united… or will that ‘make or break’ ad be the occasion for the almighty bust-up that could tear them apart for good?


  • Sacha Horler as Sando (Vicky Sandringham)
  • Phil Lloyd as Don Sandringham
  • Krew Boylan as Susie Sandringham
  • Uli Latukefu as Gary
  • Dylan Hesp as Eric Sandringham
  • Adele Vuko as Nicky
  • Zane Ciarma as Vic Jnr
  • Sierra Lewis as Rian
  • Firass Dirani as Kevin Keenan
  • Rob Carlton as Tony
  • Summer Seckold as Young Susie
  • Oliver Patry as Young Eric
  • Lisbeth Kennelly as Board member #1 - Michelle
  • Paul Kennedy as Himself
  • Scott Wood as Camera Operator
  • Adam Zwar as Voiceover Artist - Tony's Commercial
  • Talayna Nikora as Sando Stunt Double