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Episode 1.02

Wed, March 28, 2018
351,00 viewers (17th)
Writer: Tiffany Zehnal
Directors: Van Vuuren Bros.

Inside her new pool house digs, Eric makes Sando a little uncomfortable with his over-personal offers of teeth flossing and towel drying, while her stopover weighs heavily on Susie, who chastises husband Gary for craving to 'comfort' her. Banished to the kitchen, Gary discovers Susie's dad Don and Susie's live-in best friend Nicky 'comforting' each other in the pantry, and must now decide whether saving Susie from distress by withholding that revelation from her is worth breaching his wedding vows to always tell Susie everything.

While Don and Nicky stay trapped in the cupboard, Susie and Sando enter the kitchen, forcing Gary to take evasive action. Susie confronts her mum for never apologising for sleeping with Susie's one-time fiancé Kevin, as Sando realises she's physically incapable of apologising for anything.

It's also Sando's week with Vic Jnr — her son with Susie's ex fiancé Kevin — and he bunks in Eric's room, complete with Star Wars memorabilia and an extensive Lego collection. Jealous of Sando's and Vic Jnr's relationship, Eric asks Sando to a movie but she instead encourages him to take Vic Jnr. Vic Jnr decides to mark his territory, pranking Eric into believing he's been kidnapped and ensuring they both know where they stand.

Sando, meanwhile, continues to try to win over Susie, who downloads to Nicky about all Susie's annoying habits. Which only serves to clarify exactly how similar Sando and Susie really are. Susie then accepts a genuine apology from Kevin, infuriating Sando, who decides to pull out all stops and commissions an apology video (from a famous Australian TV star) to exhibit to the family on 'Sunday-take-out and-movie-night'. But just when Susie begins to come around, Sando screws it all up again… simply by being herself.


  • Sacha Horler as Sando (Vicky Sandringham)
  • Phil Lloyd as Don Sandringham
  • Krew Boylan as Susie Sandringham
  • Uli Latukefu as Gary
  • Dylan Hesp as Eric Sandringham
  • Adele Vuko as Nicky
  • Zane Ciarma as Vic Jnr
  • Sierra Lewis as Rian
  • Firass Dirani as Kevin Keenan
  • Rob Carlton as Tony
  • Summer Seckold as Young Susie
  • Oliver Patry as Young Eric
  • George Zhao as Luke
  • Craig Anderson as Another Vic
  • Robert Shehadie as Security Guard 1
  • Kathryn Yuen as Security Guard 2
  • Sigrid Thornton as Herself
  • Lee Perry as Voiceover Artist - Sando's Warehouse Commercial
  • Rupert Degas as Voiceover Artist - Movie Trailer / Kidnapper