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Episode 1.05

Wed, April 18, 2018 (9pm)
Ratings: 246,000 (<20th)
Writer: Gary Eck
Directors: Erin White

Don gathers the family to show off the new songs (not jingles) he plans to perform at his first paid gig. But much to his agitation, everyone thinks they sound just like his famous jingles… and he evacuates to the man cave to rehearse for his gig.

Rian, meanwhile, sees a childhood photo of Susie and, terrified at what it reveals, locks herself in her wardrobe, refusing to come out, jeopardising Susie’s meeting with a potential investor. Gary intervenes, but when Rian shows him the suspect photo he also freaks out and must seek counsel from the custodian of the local comic store.

Tony informs Sando she is to be terminated at the next board meeting, unless she agrees to an amicable 6-month transition. After which she is to gracefully hand him over control. But the paperwork must be signed that day.

Sando tries to take credit for Don’s recent creative revitalisation before snapping the key to his man cave in the door. Locking them both inside. Unable to escape the fortress, Don’s special gig is in jeopardy… as is Sando’s must-do meeting with Tony. But somehow, and after an encounter that takes them both by surprise, they manage to escape just in time for Don’s performance.

Don belts out his new material, but the crowd wants jingles. He acquiesces, releasing himself to the warm glow of the good old days. Sando skips Tony’s meeting to support Don, setting up a showdown at the next board meeting.


  • Sacha Horler as Sando (Vicky Sandringham)
  • Phil Lloyd as Don Sandringham
  • Krew Boylan as Susie Sandringham
  • Uli Latukefu as Gary
  • Dylan Hesp as Eric Sandringham
  • Adele Vuko as Nicky
  • Zane Ciarma as Vic Jnr
  • Sierra Lewis as Rian
  • Rob Carlton as Tony
  • Summer Seckold as Young Susie
  • Oliver Patry as Young Eric
  • Lisbeth Kennelly as Board member #1 - Michelle
  • Aaron Gocs as Comic Book Guy
  • Bryan Moses as Footy Fan #1
  • Eliza Logan as Publican
  • Miritana Hughes as Cubicle Guy #1
  • Jonathan Lo as Cubicle Guy #2
  • Ben Wood as Cubicle Guy #3
  • Lee Perry as Voiceover Artist - Sando's Warehouse Commercial