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Episode 1.03
Wed, April 04, 2018 (9pm)

Sando lies to her CFO and corporate rival Tony that Susie is re-joining the company, while Eric begs to join the company legitimately. Susie, meanwhile, presents Sando with her packed bags — time to go. Sando counters with a pitch on the importance for Rian of having a grandmother.

Eric successfully applies for a sales job at a Sando’s Warehouse outlet, the storeowner convinced Eric’s surname is a bet he can’t lose. But Eric’s highly idiosyncratic deal- making compromises his privy position and he must pull in the big guns to survive.

Sando catches Don and Nicky getting it on and, realising Susie doesn’t know, offers them a deal to keep quiet, rigging a family vote to prevent herself getting turfed out of the house. Susie counters with an announcement she wants a divorce (of herself from Sando), which Gary misreads, threatening a relapse of his secret childhood trauma-related addiction to skinny-dipping.

Sando rocks up to ‘Grandma Day’ at Rian’s school to find Susie has already enlisted Nicky to the position (part of Susie’s plan to divorce Sando). Gary’s discovery that Susie is adopting Nicky as her new mum finally tips him over the abyss back into uncontrollable skinny dipping — until Don comes to the rescue, confessing to Gary that Don’s affair with Nicky is an addiction of its own, and undertaking to become Gary’s sponsor.

Sando rescues the Sando’s Warehouse outlet that’s been near-ruined by Eric’s ‘below cost’ deal-making, by advising the owner to stage an ‘accidental’ insurance fire. Just as Susie announces she’s quitting the divorce proceedings for the mental health of Gary, and, without realising it, in the process has helped keep Don and Nicky’s affair a secret.


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