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Episode 1.04

Wed, April 11, 2018 (9pm)
Ratings: <20th
Writer: Helen Dallimore
Directors: Erin White

With Sando’s continuing residence agitating any hope of family harmony, Susie demands Sando submit to personality transformation therapy with Nicky. Given Susie’s the most vocal in wanting Sando to change, Sando suggests Nicky hypnotise Susie instead… secretly Sando fears she’ll end up blowing a carrot like she saw a woman do on stage at the Rooty Hill RSL, her only previous experience with such dark arts.

Yet, to the amazement of the entire family, Sando demonstrates a remarkable aptitude for hypnosis and her behaviour and attitude improve overnight. Sando is making tea, emptying the dishwasher… and being nice to Eric. Maybe Nicky is more capable at therapy than everyone thought!

Vic Jnr turns up, home from school with a case of nits. As well as Vic Jnr, Susie’s ex-fiancé (and Sando’s baby daddy) Kevin delivers a box of love heart shaped cookies for Susie, but claiming they’re for the whole family. Gary doesn’t buy it and Kevin is forced to diffuse the situation by offering Gary a ride in his 1967 e-type Jag. On the road, the pair bond over stories of Susie, and while Gary quickly warms to him, he can’t help but feel Susie was different with Kevin when she was with him.

Susie discovers the covert new friendship and forces Gary to break it off, which he does the next night at the front door of the Sandringham home. It transpires that Kevin was in fact visiting at Sando’s request, and so now they must all sit awkwardly together and have dinner. Kevin subsequently sabotages the meal — ruining Sando’s further attempts to do something nice for everyone — and forcing the family to concede they need the old Sando back. Nicky hypnotises Sando once again… but when Sando then appears to have sworn off all material possessions (including the family home), the horrified family begin to wonder if Sando was ever really hypnotised to start with, or else was just teaching them a lesson about how much they need to have someone they love to hate?


  • Sacha Horler as Sando (Vicky Sandringham)
  • Phil Lloyd as Don Sandringham
  • Krew Boylan as Susie Sandringham
  • Uli Latukefu as Gary
  • Dylan Hesp as Eric Sandringham
  • Adele Vuko as Nicky
  • Zane Ciarma as Vic Jnr
  • Sierra Lewis as Rian
  • Firass Dirani as Kevin Keenan
  • Summer Seckold as Young Susie
  • Oliver Patry as Young Eric
  • Lee Perry as Voiceover Artist - Sando's Warehouse Commercial