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Here Comes the Rain Again

Episode 1.06
Thu, February 09, 2006 (SBS)
Written by Sue Smith
Directed by Catriona McKenzie

It's the wet season: a crazy 'troppo' time. Bernadette has returned to the island — and to Paul. Their Blue Hawaii wedding goes ahead in the Gaibui beach pavilion; in the afternoon it rains joyously, drenching everyone. But with the rains comes mosquito-borne dengue fever. Soon the entire island population seems to be ravaged by it. Helen, Nancy and the health workers are frantic.

In the midst of this chaos, the election is held. Russ is shocked at the emergence of another serious contender for the position of Chairman — his son Eddie. Russ cannot compete with the energy and charisma of the younger man and is shattered when he loses.

Through all of this, the dengue outbreak grows more severe — there are deaths. And talk abounds of Puri-puri: bad magic. When Helen believes things can't possibly get any worse, Robbo presents with severe, life threatening, dengue fever.

Russ and Helen now find themselves at curiously similar points in their lives: Russ, without the position of chairman, feels lost and at sea; Helen now knows that her future cannot be on this island — but what future is there for her elsewhere? Russ is cruel to be kind. If he were dangerously ill instead of Robbo, would she nurse him so religiously? In the end, it's all about tribalism. We look after our own. And so she should go back to her tribe. Both know they must walk away from whatever existed between them — Russ to return to Ina, Helen to face the emotional wrench of leaving this place she has come to love.

Christmas night, and Helen conducts an all night vigil at the clinic. Robbo, though severely debilitated, pulls through. He is airlifted out to recuperate down south, both he and Helen now committed to having a stab at a future together.

The first week of January brings a bizarre ritual. The men chase the women around the island, taunting them with flour bombs, prawn shells, and coconuts. Tradition has it that, on the last day, any woman who has not emerged, must come out. Helen leaves the clinic, bags packed to leave, laughing as she's pelted with flour and crayfish shells in a joyous demonstration of how much these islanders have, despite all, come to love her. These have been the best years of her life.


  • Susie Porter as Helen Tremain
  • Charles Passi as Russ Gaibui
  • Billy Mitchell as Robbi
  • Bruce Spence as Vince
  • Luke Carroll as Paul Gaibui
  • Margaret Harvey as Nancy Gaibui
  • Peta Brady as Lindy Gaibui
  • Merwez Whaleboat as Bernadette
  • Aaron Fa'aoso as Eddie Gaibui
  • Jimi Gela as Solomon Gaibui
  • Serai Zaro as Ina Gaibui
  • Belford Luis as Mick Gaibui
  • Norah Bagiri as Lucy
  • John Brumpton as George
  • Gail Mabo as Judy
  • Louisa Taylor as Myrtle
  • Dan Mosby as Mr Ted
  • Elsie Passi as Mrs Ted
  • Santa Marina Rodgers as Mrs. Augustus
  • Moses Kaddy as Doug Augustus
  • Gabriel Ingui as Tuuks
  • Fred Kebisue as Amos
  • Savanna Taylor as Faith Gaibui
  • Nazir Manai as Grace Gaibui
  • Melora Mosby as Rhianna Gaibui
  • Tarnee Fauid as Esther Gaibui
  • Charles Asai as Moses
  • Warren Mene as Charles
  • Bertha Mosby as Daisy