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The Coming of the Light

Episode 1.03
Thu, January 19, 2006 (SBS)
Written by Alice Addison
Directed by David Caesar

The return of Russ' first-born child, Eddie, sees the island divided for the first time in years. Long estranged from his family, Eddie has not only come back to claim the land Mabo legislation says is rightfully his, but he's going to build a church on it. For Russ, still unwilling years later to acknowledge the charismatic young Eddie as his son, it is nothing short of war.

But for Helen, this is a golden political opportunity. As an outsider, she has until now been a pawn in Russ' game of island politics. Aligning herself with Eddie, exploiting this father-son dispute, she sets her sights on closing down the wet canteen. When she looks at Eddie, she sees his father as a young man; muscular and headstrong — a born leader.

Russ has taught his son well. A natural diver, skilful orator, not to mention a mesmerising dancer, there seems there is nothing in which he cannot match his father… except perhaps in Helen's affections.

Eddie and his church gather rapid support and Russ suddenly finds his power base split. Confronted by a younger, stronger version of himself, he must fight tooth and nail to regain control of his island — even if it means killing himself.


  • Susie Porter as Helen Tremain
  • Charles Passi as Russ Gaibui
  • Billy Mitchell as Robbi
  • Bruce Spence as Vince
  • Aaron Fa'aoso as Eddie Gaibui
  • Merwez Whaleboat as Bernadette
  • Luke Carroll as Paul Gaibui
  • Margaret Harvey as Nancy Gaibui
  • Peta Brady as Lindy Gaibui
  • Jimi Gela as Solomon Gaibui
  • Serai Zaro as Ina Gaibui
  • Beford Lui as Mick Gaibui
  • Fred Kebisue as Amos
  • Dan Mosby as Mr Ted
  • Elsie Passi as Mrs Ted
  • Nora Bagiri as Lucy
  • Gail Mabo as Judy
  • John Brumpton as George
  • Santa Marina Rodgers as Mrs. Augustus
  • Moses Kaddy as Doug Augustus
  • Fred Kebisue as Amos
  • Louisa Taylor as Myrtle
  • Savanna Taylor as Faith Gaibui
  • Nazir Manai as Grace Gaibui
  • Melora Mosby as Rhianna Gaibui
  • Tarnee Fauid as Esther Gaibui
  • Desmond Billy as Teenage Boy
  • Kathleen Binawell as Mrs Watia
  • Tom David as Al
  • Dorothy Messa as Shania
  • Charles Asai as Moses
  • Warren Mene as Charles