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One Ball

Episode 1.02
Thu, January 12, 2006 (SBS)
Written by John Alsop
Directed by Catriona McKenzie

The island is rocked by a sudden and cruel death. Giddy, the son of the island's cop Mick (Belford Lui), drowns at sea while attempting to ferry contraband alcohol onto the island. Island Chairman Russ Gaibui (Charles Passi) goes on the warpath, enraged by the system that entices islanders to behave like furtive delinquents.

To ensure that Giddy's death was not in vain, he proposes to overturn the ban on alcohol and establish a wet canteen. Russ's daughter Nancy (Margaret Harvey), leads the opposition to the plan, claiming that it would spell disaster; a return to the bad old days. Russ woos Helen to his side, while an infuriated Nancy accuses Helen of being bought out by the promise of funds for a new clinic, and their long-term friendship feels the strain.

But it is Russ's personal overtures towards Helen that are more unnerving. The moves he makes are subtle, refined, even flattering, but if Helen were to act on her feelings, it would destroy all the trust she has built up on the island, including that of the influential female elders. It would also be a betrayal of Russ's wife, Ina, whom Helen admires. And there's also a professional consideration; Helen has to guide Russ through a health crisis. It's all too impossible, however much Helen feels herself drawn towards this charismatic and powerful man.


  • Susie Porter as Helen Tremain
  • Charles Passi as Russ Gaibui
  • Billy Mitchell as Robbi
  • Bruce Spence as Vince
  • Felix Wiliamson as Dr. John Bourke
  • Luke Carroll as Paul Gaibui
  • Margaret Harvey as Nancy Gaibui
  • Peta Brady as Lindy Gaibui
  • Jimi Gela as Solomon Gaibui
  • Serai Zaro as Ina Gaibui
  • Beford Lui as Mick Gaibui
  • Gabriel Ingui as Tuuks
  • Fred Kebisu as Amos
  • Patrick Ahwang as Giddy Gaibui
  • Dan Mosby as Mr Ted
  • Elsie Passi as Mrs Ted
  • Nora Bagiri as Lucy
  • Gail Mabo as Judy
  • John Brumpton as George
  • Santa Marina Rodgers as Mrs. Augustus
  • Moses Kaddy as Doug Augustus
  • Louisa Taylor as Louisa
  • Merwez Whaleboat as Bernadette
  • Allison Cratchley as Jenny
  • Savanna Taylor as Faith Gaibui
  • Nazir Manai as Grace Gaibui
  • Melora Mosby as Rhianna Gaibui
  • Tarnee Fauid as Esther Gaibui
  • Francis Nai Jnr as Boy (Tuuks mate)
  • Alarna Achterberg as Girl (Tuuks mate)