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Where The Heart Is


Episode 2.01
Thursday, October 31, 2013
Ratings: 604,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Adrian Russell Wills
Directed by Adrian Russell Wills

When Amy's dad Richard is in an accident, her other father Peter fights to retain custody of her, but is hamstrung by his own recklessness. Richard and Peter are a loving couple who have made a life, family, and home for themselves raising their daughter, Amy. Like every other couple they have found themselves in a funk, and with pressure from work and tension increasing, Peter and Richard start arguing.

But in just one morning their whole world is turned upside down when Richard is involved in a freak car accident. As he lies on life support, Peter is the one who has to break the news to Richard's estranged mother, Margaret. It is the call a mother never wants to get and one Peter doesn't want to make. Richard's condition goes from bad to worse, and as his next of kin, Peter is faced with the heartbreaking decision of switching off his life support. Under protest from Margaret the decision is made.

Months later at the coroner's inquest it is revealed that Peter could have played a small part in Richard's accidental death, news that Margaret does not take well. Peter struggles through his grief, finding comfort in other men. When Margaret discovers what Peter is doing, and so soon after her son's death, she files for full custody of Amy in a bid to get back what is left of her son and her family.

Peter can't believe that the judge might find against him, but when Margaret shows up to the Family Court with a team of lawyers and a well prepared case, the threat of losing custody of Amy becomes all too real. Peter's best friend Lorraine decides it's time for a few home truths: quit the drinking, quit the smoking, quit the selfpity.

At first it's hard to hear, but Peter realises that Lorraine is right and that he's going to have to fight like hell to keep the thing he loves most in the world, Amy.

Cast: Josef Ber as Luis, Linda Cropper as Mediator, Alan Dukes as Doctor, Noni Hazlehurst as Margaret, Celia Ireland as Nurse Edwards, Deborah Mailman as Lorraine, Hamish Michael as Steven, Kirk Page as Peter, Oscar Redding as Richard, John Sheerin as Family Court Judge, Matty Shields as David, Guy Simon as Kyle, Saskia Williscroft as Amy

Starting Over


Episode 2.02
Thursday, November 07, 2013
Ratings: 529,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Jon Bell
Directed by Rachel Perkins

Aaron Davis's career in the force is on hold since an Aboriginal teenager died in police custody on his shift [episode 1.06], but his life changes when he begins a relationship with a neighbour.

Cast: Wayne Blair as Aaron Davis, Stephen Curry as Ryan Hobbs, Dean Daley-Jones as Indigo, Lisa Flanagan as Allie, Deborah Galanos as Therapist, Rarriwuy Hick as Robyn, Wes Patton as Man, Mirranee Penrith as Sonny, Patricia Morton Thomas as Anuty Mona, Leonnie Whyman as Selene, Ray Anthony as Nathan's Mate, Cramer Cain as Jumpy, Alison Chambers as Customer, Kylie Coolwell as Annette, Alec Doomadgee as Koorioke Announcer, Glenn Millanta as Police Officer, Arana Mundine as Donna, Rosealee Pearson as Vivian, Irvine Robertson as Hooded Man 2, Joe Rokoqo as Hooded Man 1, Susan Ling Young as Rose Seller

Babe In Arms


Episode 2.03
Thursday, November 14, 2013
Ratings: 449,000 viewers (<20th)
Written by Steven McGregor
Directed by Adrian Russell WIlls

New parents Janine and Justin are tested to their limit when their newborn son goes missing and suspicions grow in the community and then between one another.

Cast: Bob Baines as Superintendant Giles, Sibylla Budd as Detective Morris, Sam Conway as Norman Myles, Matt Doran as Dean, Daniel Frederiksen as Detective Harrison, Deborah Jones as Lucy Marks, Caren Pistorius as Janine Myles, Melodie Reynolds as Dottie Myles, Natasha Wanganeen as Emily, Meyne Wyatt as Justin Myles, Andrea Berchtold as Stunt Police Officer, Rebecca Clay as Reporter 1, Nicola Frew as Pharmacy Attendant, Alice Keohavong as Reporter 2, Jenny Munro as Aunty 1, Fabrizio Omedei as Reporter 3, Jillian Russ as Police Officer 3, Leon Stripp as Police Officer 2, Tom Webb as Police Officer 1, Pamela Young as Aunty 2; Babies: Logan Davies, Lincoln Fowler, Sebastian Gardiner, Mitchell Kohloff, Harry Lovell, Kyaah Mahr, Rhys Ryan-Sifco, Zoe Taylor



Episode 2.04
Thursday, November 21, 2013
Ratings: 478,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Leah Purcell
Directed by Leah Purcell

Mattie races to share the news of her PhD with her estranged white father Jack — who she hasn't seen in 19 years — only to find he has died days earlier.

Cast: Kylie Belling as Patricia, Steve Bisley as Richard, Tammy Clarkson Jones as Mattie, Matthew Cooper as Damo, David Downer as Principal, Ella Enright as Young Brenda, Alicia Gardiner as Brenda, Miah Madden as Young Mattie, Craig McLachlan as Jack, Tessa Rose as Coral, Lani Tupu as Minister, Jo Aincough as Dean's Wife, Colin Borgonon as Senior Councillor, Alfred Coolwell as Neal, Jakaya Dixon as Jada, Keenan Gillespie as Dean's Son, Wiliam Gleeson as Dean's Son, Tamara Knox as Jalisa, Alex Kuusik as Dean, Bethany Larum as Dean's Daughter, Justin Leong as Arkiyo, Christopher Morris as Peter, Lorna Munro as Jayde, Mikaela Nicholson as Dean's Daughter, Pearl Tan as Receptionist, Elizabeth Thurbon as Mrs Daley. Sarah Woods as Susan [uncredited]



Episode 2.05
Thursday, November 28, 2013
Ratings: 469,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Steven McGregor
Directed by Beck Cole

Nic Shields spends her lunch hour in a daily ritual at her local club: a little lunch, a couple of games of Keno and then play the pokies. But what started out as a bit of fun has slowly become a problem. Her bank balance is evaporating, and to hide the true extent of her gambling from her husband Eddie, she has re-directed her credit card statements to her cousin Grace's house. This places a strain on their relationship, but Nic assures Grace she will sort it out soon.

But Nic's preoccupation with gambling intensifies as she tries to find the money to pay for Eddie's fortieth birthday party, her son Joel's school excursion, and a major landscape improvement being undertaken in the family backyard.

A few days later, on her way to bank her employer's takings, Nic is robbed. The police are called, and friends and family are sympathetic to her ordeal. Although she wants to go back to work immediately, Nic accepts a break from work, but spends her free time playing the pokies. The police turn up during Eddie's birthday party with the good news that the perpetrator has been caught. But why is Nic so nervous when asked to accompany them to the station?

Cast: Les Chantery as Officer Markos, Kylie Farmer as Lena, Brenda Knowles as Lisa, Ewan Leslie as Mr Parish, Aaron McGrath as Joel, Madeleine Madden as Chloe, Emma Mullings as Kristen, Roberts Preston as Colin, Leah Purcell as Grace, Marley Sharp as Eddie, Heath Wilder as Lawyer, Dion Williams as Robbie, Ben Wood as Clyde, Ursula Yovich as Nic, Ivan Clarke as Cousin 1, Jesse Guivarra as Dancer 2, Ethel Ann Gundy as Edith, Thomas E.S. Kelly as Dancer 1 / Didgeridoo Player, Glenn Millanta as Officer Abbott, Edward Valent as Cousin 2, Dean Widders as Cousin 3, Yilara Widders as Little Girl, Quentin Yung as Hotel Desk Clerk

Note: this episode revisits the Shields family who we first saw in episode 1.04 (the national anthem episode)

Dogs Of War


Episode 2.06
Thursday, December 05, 2013
Ratings: 483,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Wayne Blair
Directed by Wayne Blair

Two burglaries in the same street seem to be targeting homes without dogs, so Derek, father of two young children, purchases a German Shepherd.

Across the street, a heavily pregnant Evonne has her father Ernie, a retired army sergeant, to stay, and he installs new security. But Ernie's terrible nightmares and screaming cause Derek's dog Toby to bark. This wakes Ernie's neighbours, Jimmy and Susie, and their new baby.

As friction between the neighbours begins to mount, Evonne suggests Ernie help train Derek's dog, but he refuses. As his nightmares continue and Toby barks, it provokes a big confrontation in the street.

Cast: Wayne Blair as Aaron Davis, Katherine Beckett as Evonne, Bruce Carter as Derek Jackson, Aaron Cummins as Young Ernie, Ernie Dingo as Ernie Johnson, Lincoln Hambrick as Jake Jackson, Chris Haywood as Doctor, Glenn Hazeldine as Jimmy, Sarah Snook as Officer Sarah Donaldson, Maya Stange as Susie, Eliza Toomey as Naomi Jackson, Alfred Coolwell as Neal, Emma Jane Hyland as Woman Passerby, Michelle Lansdown as Real Estate Agent, Nahdia Noter as Local Woman, Jillian Osborne as Ambulance Officer 2, Emmy Saheki as Vietnamese Girl, Cleave Williams as Ambulance Officer 1, Lorelai Grady as Jimmy's Baby 1, Lucas Bourrigan as Jimmy's Baby 2, Aaron Teece as Ernie Junior (Baby)