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Episode 1.03
Thursday, November 15, 2012 (8:30, ABC1)
Ratings: 0.654 million viewers (11th)
Written by Adrian Russell Wills
Directed by Wayne Blair

Raymond and Lorraine have it pretty sweet: a house, four kids, Raymond has been nominated for an award for his services to the community, and he's up for a promotion at work.

But then their world collapses when Lorraine is accused of benefit fraud. For the last six years she has claimed she is not in a full-time relationship, and has been claiming family allowance payments — and a full pension. Centrelink has a written statement from someone who has dobbed them in.

Lorraine faces serious consequences unless she agrees to repay $60,000. She's devastated and is now desperate to find work.

Raymond, however, consumed by the thought that someone has dobbed them in, starts to suspect everyone around him. His obsessive pursuit of the truth starts to destroy everything he's built: his friendships, his reputation, his marriage and job all come crashing down. And too late he realises the truth he was searching for is the very last thing he wants.


  • Kelton Pell as Raymond
  • Deborah Mailman as Lorraine
  • Wayne Blair as Aaron Davis
  • Glenn Shea as Charlie McCoy
  • Lisa Madden as Alita McCoy
  • Bruce Carter as Derek
  • Jimi Bani as Peter Gibson
  • Ryan Corr as Timmy
  • Richard Green as Nathan
  • Leon Burchill as Frankie
  • Alfred Coolwell as Neale
  • Dina Gillespie as Eileen
  • Josh McConville as Photographer
  • Naomi Bowly as Jade
  • Max Donovan as Dempsy
  • Bailey Doomadgee as Roger
  • Ken Weldon as Albert
  • Michael Tuahine as MC
  • Billy McPherson as Andrew
  • Max Eulo as Uncle Max
  • Mark Lee as Barman
  • Leon Stripp as Policeman
  • Jenny Munro as Aunty Jill
  • Alan Holten as Max
  • Jarvis Lake as Kayden
  • Patrick Tang as Newspaper Boy
  • Alan Hilt as Man in Bathroom