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Pretty Boy Blue

Episode 1.06
Thursday, December 06, 2012 (8:30, ABC1)
Ratings: 0.603 million viewers (9th)
Written by Steven McGregor
Directed by Rachel Perkins

Aaron Davis is a proud Indigenous policeman: proud of the community in which he works, and very proud of his daughter Robyn and his three-year-old granddaughter Donna.

It's early morning, and Aaron does his usual boxing training with local kids, and the only thing to mar the day is that he is being taunted by young troublemaker Lenny.

Late that day as Aaron is finishing up at the station Lenny is brought in yelling abuse. Lenny's been in a bad fight and Aaron is about to call for a doctor. But he stops when Lenny's taunting pushes him too far, and so when Lenny calls out from the cell in pain, Aaron ignores him.

But Lenny's cries suddenly stop and Aaron realises that something is terribly wrong. He rushes to help, but it's too late — Lenny is dead. And so Aaron's nightmare begins.

As word of the death spreads, Lenny's brother tries to cause trouble but he and his young friends are held back, talked around by family and community. Lenny's mother, Aunty Mona, asks Aaron whether her boy suffered. Aaron lies and tells her no.

But when Lenny's family is shown the cell surveillance tapes, Aaron has to find the courage to go and tell Aunty Mona the truth.


  • Wayne Blair as Aaron Davis
  • Patricia Morton-Thomas as Aunty Mona Brewster
  • Stephen Curry as Ryan Hobbs
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Robyn Hobbs
  • Luke Carroll as Lenny Brewster
  • Richard Green as Nathan
  • Braydn Pittman as Mark Brewster
  • Mick Mundine as John
  • Rhimi Johnson Page as Danny Blain
  • Katherine Beckett as Tenile
  • Arana Mundine as Donna
  • Bob Baines as Inspector Giles
  • Nathan Page as Homicide Detective
  • Oliver Cooney as Officer Raine
  • Gareth Williams as Custody Officer
  • Leon Stripp as Arresting Officer
  • Grant Fletcher as Arresting Officer
  • Joe O'Brien as ABC News Reader
  • Tamlyn Henderson as Police Driver
  • Steven Safinuk as Policeman
  • Tony Chu as Paramedic
  • Christine Falsone as Paramedic
  • Roy Smith as Boxing Trainer
  • Blake Lindsell as Stunt Performer
  • Jackie Murray as Stunt Performer
  • Lloyd Finnemore as Mark Double