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Sweet Spot

Episode 1.05
Thursday, November 29, 2012 (8:30, ABC1)
Ratings: 0.560 million viewers (14th)
Written by Jon Bell
Directed by Leah Purcell

Indigo is a professional boxer, so he knows how to land the perfect punch; find the sweet spot. It's why he's good in the ring, and it's why he's just served a six-year sentence for killing a man in a street fight.

Back home now, he's trying to reconnect with his wife Allie and his two kids, and things are looking up as the family adjusts to having him back after so long away.

But a series of small incidents spark a jealous streak in Indigo: why does this guy Jumpy keep coming round to see Allie? Why does she know how many sugars Jumpy takes in his tea?

His cousin Keshen has found him a job on the building site he works on and is trying to control Indigo's temper about Jumpy being on the scene. But the green-eyed monster has got a hold and things spiral out of control. Allie declares finally that she can't take any more and throws him out. Wild with rage, Indigo goes after Jumpy, and Keshen has to step in to stop the fight. Too late, Indigo realises he's broken his parole conditions.

Back in gaol Indigo finally realises that he has to take responsibility for his previous misdeeds, as that's the only way he has a real chance of getting his life back on track. A few months later he walks free — but will Allie and the kids be there to meet him?


  • Dean Daley-Jones as Indigo
  • Lisa Flanagan as Allie
  • Leonnie Whyman as Selene
  • Mirrabee Penrith as Sonny
  • Cramer Cain as Jumpy
  • Damien Hunter as Keshen
  • Jesse Green as Davey Boy
  • Rocky Jerkic as Mookie Kimble
  • Sean Carter as Chooky
  • Danny Adcock as Foreman
  • Gareth Williams as Custody Officer
  • John McLeod as Prison Guard
  • Russell Whiteoak as Therapist
  • Naomi Gibbons as Stunt Pedestrian
  • Ben Toyer as Stunt Pedestrian