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Episode 5.1 (57)
February 09, 1989
Written by Tim Gooding
Directed by Kevin Dobson

Michael sees the law from another perspective after he becomes the key witness in Flicker's prosecution against an arsonist. Fulvio's quest to find the ultimate bargain wreaks havoc in Michael's life, while Michael is left side-eyeing his former neighbour after rediscovering some of his records that went missing when his previous apartment was burgled [4.28] being sold at auction. Atomic Age politics enter the courtroom when Michael has to rule on a case involving bomb shelters.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Katy Brinson as Lisa

With: Bruce Barry as Malcolm Farrer, Joe Cremen as Berger, Kevin Golsby as Stack, John Gregg as Barraclough, Ric Hutton as Mr. Graves, John Ley as Thomas Finch, Rocky Lo Surdo as Court Constable, Tim Martin as Clerk, Jonathan Sweet as Detective Perkins, Christopher Williams as Neville

That Old Black Magic

Episode 5.2 (58)
February 16, 1989
W: David Allen
D: Kevin Dobson

Michael begins to wonder if someone is trying to put a spell on him after a number of suspicious run-ins with a member of a religious commune. An elderly man creates a headache for the police when he creates a series of devices designed to monitor and control the speed of vehicles. Lisa starts becoming closer to a young police officer who is filling in with Youth Liaison. All is not well in the Frangellomini household as living in his mother's garage begins to take its toll on Fulvio and Sandra.

With: Ric Carter as Det. Sgt. Ray Brown, Heather Christie as Sarah Allardyce, Alan Cinis as Davis, Liddy Clark as Faye Erwin, Andrew Clarke as Peter Rudd, Gary Down as Tilley, John Ewart as George Burwood, Alan Lock as Traffic Policeman, Bernadette Madell as Mrs. McCarthy, Julian McMahon as Police Witness, Cristina Parker as Madonna Lady, David Ritchie as Gaunt Man, John Samaha as San Marco

Note: Julian McMahon's first known role

The Plague

Episode 5.3 (59)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Karl Zwicky

Lisa confronts the prejudices of society when she defends a man with AIDS who has committed an armed robbery in order to ensure his wife's future following his death. A cockroach infestation creates problems for the courthouse. Joanne comes to the city to visit Michael, just as Michael finds himself surrounded by women seeking to win his affections. Flicker is at his wit's end after he ends up in hospital.

With: June Salter as Diedre Potter, Danny Adcock as Mick Robbins, Peter Cameron as Kevin Gardiner, Mario Christofoletti as Reporter, Jeanie Drynan as Carol Taylor, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Bob Hornery as Reg Dwight, Babs McMillan as Nurse McTaggart, Peter Miller as Constable Lewis, Claire Munro as Newsreader, Honor Murphy as Nurse Atkins, Glynn Nicholas as Dennis Minogue, Jane Parker as Court Constable, Candy Raymond as Jean Robbins, Kate Reid as Joanne Simpson, Roger Ward as Albert Potts, Julie Yeadon as Raylene Tomkins

In For A Penny

Episode 5.4 (60)
W: John Upton
D: Mark Piper

Michael is drawn into the world of a struggling young family after he witnesses a woman being hit by a car; however, his other colleagues at the court are afraid that he might be being taken for a ride as he grows closer to the woman's twelve-year-old daughter. Lisa defends a young man accused of committing a violent crime in an attempt to save his heroin-addicted girlfriend.

With: Debbie Byrne as Tricia Rogan, Rebecca Smart as Jackie Rogan

And: Halina Abramowicz as Rosie, Ric Carter as Det. Ray Brown, Geoff Cartwright as Carl Jensen, Marjorie Child as Mrs Weybridge, Bob Ellis as Mr. Maddison, Curt Jansen as Mr. Hammond, Chris King as Milkman, James Klein as Tom Rogan, Ned Lander as Les Blainey, Mark McCann as Mr. Anderson, Julie Macken as Policewoman No. 1, Kate Reid as Joanne Simpson, Barry Rugless as Mr. McCormack, Jade Da Silva as Prostitute No. 1, Mary Ellen Stringer as Gretta Rolfe, Stephanie Tobin as Prostitute No. 2

Out of Line

Episode 5.5 (61)
W: Sue Castrique
D: Alister Smart

Lisa finds herself at odds with her colleagues when she defends an anti-nuclear activist whose family and the police are determined to have detained for his own safety. Michael starts to make changes to his life after the Chief Magistrate tells him that he is in the running for the Deputy Magistracy; however, some at the courthouse begin to worry that Michael might just be becoming another part of the Establishment. Fulvio gets caught in the middle of a despute between neighbours.

With: Gregg Arthur as Policeman No. 2, Brandon Burke as Dr. Schofield, Julie-Anne Crellin as Policewoman No. 1, Margaret Christensen as Phyllis O'Neill, Colin Croft as Colin Garrett, Ann Fay as Lyn Sullivan, Chris Galletti as Health Commission Solicitor, Tom Jennings as Roger Sullivan, Barbara Joss as Woman in Foyer, Adrian Norman as Policeman No. 1, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, Bruce Spence as Emmanuel Triggs, Walter Sullivan as Attorney General, Martin Vaughan as Bill Coglan, Karen Vickery as Policewoman No. 2, Katy Wild as Margaret Carter, Arna-Maria Winchester as Rose Willis

One For Us

Episode 5.6 (62)
W: Michael Cove
D: Alister Smart

Under pressure from Canberra to act in the "national interest", Rafferty decides to expose a Chilean military attaché following the revelation he tortured political dissidents in Chile. Lisa's defense of a youth accused of causing malicious damage to his school leads into the larger issue of corporal punishment. Fulvio is shadowed by a young reporter interested in profiling his career.

With: Stuart Campbell as Martin Shaeffer, Nikki Coghill as Jenny Burns, John Donnell as Craig Erskine, Helen Jones as Consuela Peralta, Vince Martin as Tom Miller, Jane Parker as Court Constable, Rolando Ramos as Luis Ortega, Ken Snodgrass as Jack Erskine, Peter Whitford as William Walker


Episode 5.7 (63)
W: Chris Roache
D: Kevin Dobson

Flicker is horrified after he discovers just what conditions are faced by those in the police cells awaiting trial. Fulvio is excited to be chosen by Head Office for a selection panel for a new clerk; however, his rather unconventional choice of candidate may have ramifications for his future career. Lisa defends a young woman who claims that she attacked a railway security officer in response to an attempted sexual assault. Michael investigates an anomaly relating to his credit card.

With: Ric Carter as Det. Sgt. Ray Brown, Juliee-Anne Crellin as Court Constable, Tanya Denny as Office Worker, Marian Dworakowski as Joseph Kaye, Roger Eagle as Mr. Clarke, Wallas Eaton as Stuart Gilmour, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Penne Hackfordth-Jones as Sinclair, Jonathan Hardy as Mr. Linnehan, Carla Hoogeveen as Linda, Joy Hruby as Mrs. Barnes, Simon Kay as Nigel, David Letch as David Mason, Tania Martin as Jenny Swift, Kirstin Ojerholm as Receptionist, Georgie Parker as Lucy, Alan Wilson as Waiter

Note: Chris Roache won an Australian Writers' Guild Award for this episode's script

One Consideration With Another

Episode 5.8 (64)
W: Michael Cove
D: Marcus Cole

Racial tensions erupt when two Asian men are accused of murder, while Michael questions his capacity as a magistrate after an act of leniency has dire consequences. Four people protesting against the Apartheid regime in South Africa are charged after disrupting a golf tournament on national television, but things go awry in their sentencing after one of them fails to qualify for Legal Aid. Flicker takes on the local council over a zoning matter.

With: David Allen as Stuart McDonald, Colin Angus as Barman, Jane Bell as Anti-Asian Demonstrator 1, Brian Blain as Bob Doherty, Cliff Bowles as Tom Adams, Zoe Carides as Janine Tate, Pauline Chan as Trinh Ho, John Clayton as Harry Grant, Kcary Cowling as Nguy, Kelly Dingwall as Shane Stevens, Mervyn Drake as Hugh Nicholson, David Hoey as Constable Wallis, Michael Kent as Pete Burns, Wayne Scott Kermond as Marty Bates, Robert Mammone as Craig Hall, Mick Mock as Ky, Martin Nesbitt as Anti-Asian Demonstrator 4, Russell Newman as Bill Jones, David Oatley as Anti-Asian Demonstrator 3, Jane Parker as Constable 1, Adrian Parr as Laura Evans, Peter Smith as Anti-Asian Demonstrator 2, Kate Turner as Jane Patterson


Episode 5.9 (65)
W: John Upton
D: Mike Smith

Flicker and Lisa find themselves dealing with a particularly challenging court case when a girl alleges that she was raped by her father four years earlier. A squatter's efforts to avoid eviction repeatedly bring him before the court. Michael ex, Joanne, is anxious after being harassed by a group of hoons, while Michael is more preoccupied with the fact that his cat, Rhubarb, is undergoing surgery for a tumour. Fulvio is determined to get revenge on Sandra after her social life keeps her out at night.

With: Sarah Chadwick as Ms. Finnegan, Mark Fitzpatrick as Hoon No. 2, Gillian Jones as Paula Brent, Lindsay McCormack as Hoon No. 1, Robbie McGregor as Frank Brent, Christopher Morsley as Const. Smythe, Jane Parker as Court Constable, Mouche Phillips as Mary Brent, Kate Reid as Joanne Simpson, Frank Serafin as Desk Constable, Kate Sheil as Joy Finlayson, Belinda Shepherd as Katie Rafferty, Simon Westaway as Vincent Paul Vincent

The Book Of Love

Episode 5.10 (66)
W: Johanna Piggott
D: Mike Smith

Lisa defends a singer who has beaten his wife, but her personal involvement in the case is made more difficult when he brings a gun into the courthouse. Michael's family relationships become strained when his ex-wife learns of his adult daughter, Rebecca. A blossoming romance between two court constables divides opinion as to whether the relationship is romantic or unseemly. A man comes before Rafferty for assaulting his aerobics instructor.

With: Maggie Blinco as Bettina Dean, Daphne Bailin as Dog Owner No. 3, Myra Campbell as Lady in Gym, Ian Cockburn as Dog Owner No. 2, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Regina Gaigalas as Cathy Reed, Jim Glenn as Dog Owner No. 4, Nancye Hayes as Sheree Martin, Todd Joyner as Harvey, Nadja Kostich as Susan Cole, Tiffany Lamb as Liz, Dennis Moore as Max Ryder, Marshall Napier as Alex Reed, Michael O'Neill as Keith Metcalfe, Jo Peters as Dog Owner No. 1, Kate Reid as Joanne Simpson, Rebecca Rigg as Rebecca Browning

On The Barricades

Episode 5.11 (67)
W: Gordon Graham
D: Kevin Dobson

Michael revisits his past as a university radical and conscientious objector when he is forced to decide the fate of a man who he once protested alongside. Lisa defends a school teacher who is accused of being an accessory to an act of vandalism committed by his students; however, it may not be the straightforward case of radicalism that it seems. Fulvio is determined to create his own manifesto.

With: Graeme Blundell as Bill Wiley, Michael Caton as Joe Fletcher, Matt Day as Jeff Wilson, Scott Ferguson as Constable Bowland, Stuart Finch as Ray Painter, Elaine Lee as Mrs. Prattley, Robyn Moase as Vicki Fletcher, Dan Puttlitz as Peter Bianchi, Danielle Spencer as Toni Moller, Ian Watchirs as Desk Constable

Funny Peculiar

Episode 5.12 (68)
W: David Allen
D: Marcus Cole

Flicker confronts his own prejudices when he prosecutes a case involving the assault of a female impersonator; however, it is Michael who finds himself at the centre of a controversy after the verdict is given. Lisa defends a young woman accused of malicious damage against her father's property, but it soon appears that it may not be the act of political protest that everyone assumed. The discovery of some old Reader's Digest magazines leads to Fulvio's latest obsession.

With: Abigail as Michelle Dobbs, Di Adams as Claudine Dobbs, Rob Baxter as Mr. Dobbs, Joe Brook as Moral Watchdog 2, Peter Casbolt as Daly, Ian Crow as Reporter 1, Maggie Dence as Vanessa Pearce, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Gary Files as Frankie, Kristoffer Greaves as Bob, Jeffrey Killick as Policeman 1, Alan Lock as Policeman 2, Anthony Martin as T.V. Presenter, Chris Michael as Stuart, Graham Rouse as Whittle, Frank Serafin as Desk Constable, Oliver Sidore as Waiter, Michael Stone as Patrick, Noel Trevarthen as Tony Williams, Jill Tyler as Moral Watchdog 2

With: Anthony Martin is mis-credited as Tim Martin

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Episode 5.13 (69)
W: Steve Wright
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Lisa is drawn into an organisation known as Life Force after defending a man arrested for break and enter and assault. An elderly man is charged with using offensive language and is determined to spread his Marxist principles to the court, but a visit from his posh daughter reveals that there may be more to his revolutionary ways than meets the eye. Michael is struggling to sleep at night as he and his brother face the prospect of putting an elderly relative into a nursing home. In preparation for his adventure holiday to the Himilayas, Flicker breaks in a pair of new hiking boots.

Featuring: Brian Doyle as Zeke, Anne Looby as Katherine Devere, Emily Lumbers as Josephine Baker, Richard Moir as Geoffrey Sole, Steven Vidler as Barry Baker

With: Yvette Alcott as Person No. 1, Jonathon Cobb as Policeman No. 2, Julie-Anne Crellin as Constable No. 1, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Michael Gruchy as Person No. 3, Deborah Leiser as Young Woman, Neale Spence as Policeman No. 1, Peter Stratford as Psychiatrist, Petrina Warlow as Person No. 2

Whistling In The Dark

Episode 5.14 (70)
W: Dave Piggot
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Flicker finds himself wandering into a murky world of corruption when he prosecutes a case against a police officer who has broken the law and where the key witness is a serial whistleblower. Lisa and Fulvio battle to save a former school friend of Fulvio's who has been arrested for possession of cocaine and who is being threatened with standover tactics by the detectives questioning him.

Featuring: Dennis Grosvenor as Sgt. Mick Fraine, William Zappa as Det. Phil Tunks

With: Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Derryn Hinch as Himself [uncredited], Elaine Hudson as Miss Skeet, Manny Katts as Sal Scali, Stephen Leeder as Sgt. Ian Syme, Bruno Lucia as Franko Scali, James Manser as Reporter No. 2, Justin Rosniak as Hamish, Pat Sands as Insp. Pat Hannan, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Noel Trevarthen as Tony Williams, Christopher Walker as Reporter No. 1

Blood Sweat & Paycheques

Episode 5.15 (71)
W: John Upton
D: Chris Adshead

Fulvio and Sandra's marriage comes close to the breaking point after Sandra is arrested for shoplifting. Lisa is impressed when she is assisted by young law school drop-out Evan Fairchild, but Michael soon has to deliver some tough love when Evan's hooligan friends get him into trouble. Flicker struggles to make his son, Dean, adopt a healthier attitude towards paid employment.

With: Scott Andrews as Bernie, Miles Buchanan as Evan Fairchild, Lisa Crittenden as Sandra Frangellomini, Margo Dunphy as Debbie, Des Fenelon as Les, Grant Galea as Hogarth, Ric Herbert as Mort, David Hoey as Constable Wallis, Graham Lancaster as Dean Flicker, Julian Leather as Roger Ellis, David Lindop as Constable, Felix Nobis as Tom Clayton, Tony Partridge as Uniformed Constable, Michael Parker as Mr Adams, Greg Primmer as Harry, Craig Scott as Mel, Felicity Soper as Jacki Metcalfe, David Venning as Store Detective

Note: Flicker's son's name is credited as Dean but he is referred to as Nicholas in the episode

Home Again Kathleen

Episode 5.16 (72)
W: David Allen
D: Chris Adshead

Michael, Flicker and Lisa are dragged into a murky political world when they discover that the conflict between the British and the Irish is alive and well in Sydney. Lisa's defence of an elderly man accused of vandalising his neighbour's Land Rover is complicated when he disappears. Fulvio and Sandra struggle to cope with the Frangellomini extended family. A Royal tour is due to pass by the courthouse and Mrs. McCarthy can't hide her enthusiasm.

With: Terence Cooper as McCann, Lloyd Morris as Gerry Flynn, Elaine Paton as Kathleen O'Connor, Sue Walker as Mrs Orr, George Whaley as Patrick O'Connor

And: Winifred Armstrong as Little Lady, Michael Burgess as Policeman No 1, Nicholas Harris as Constable Harper, Michael Lake as Wally, Bernadette Madell as Mrs McCarthy, Bill Mather as Policeman No 2, Allan Penney as Pullen, Bruce Porter as Detective No 2, Trevor Prior as Detective No 1, George Rubio as Uncle Enrico, Susie Steadman as Desk Constable, Hugh Wade as Delivery Man

Driven To It

Episode 5.17 (73)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Marcus Cole

An act of vandalism by the members of an animal rights group leaves Michael becoming emotionally involved with the accused's mother. Flicker and the rest of the police struggle to cope with the fallout when a hacker targets the Police Force's computer system. Fulvio and Sandra clash after Fulvio decides to find himself a new job.

With: Kerry Allan as Chairperson, James Batman as Hippie, Cranston Brecht as Martin Elliott, Lisa Crittenden as Sandra Frangellomini, Jono Ford as Young Man, Henk Johannes as Kraus, Timothy Jones as Police Computer Operator, Sarah Lambert as Rudi Apps, Lorna Lesley as Connie Apps, Michael Long as Kilminster, Valerie Thompson as Woman

A Fair Day's Work

Episode 5.18 (74)
W: Michael Cove
D: Marcus Cole

A man seeks Lisa's help when he is sacked after complaining about working conditions in a garment factory; however, she soon finds herself defending him when he assaults his former boss. Michael finds an ingenious solution when a musician is accused of infringing copyright. Fulvio helps Michael look for a cleaner for his flat, but Fulvio's candidate for the job might just be a little too efficient for Michael's liking.

With: Veronica Akhurst as Cheryl Hurst, John Banas as Ken Bascomb, Rosemart Blundo as Maria Scarponi, Frankie J. Gallagher as Mitchell Flannery, David Hoey as Constable Wallis, John Larking as Ivor Rees, Rocky Lo Surdo as Security Officer, Allan McFadden as Matthew Hurst, Liz Messariti as Olga, Lyn Overton as Mrs Shelton, Bill Saunders as Alan Holloway, Gary Simmons as Constable, George Spartels as Stefan Bosnjak, Mark Strickson as Gavin Keyes, Colin Taylor as Wilf Shelton, Rohan Tickell as Rod Dalglish, Monica Trapaga as Andy Martinez, Bill Young as Bill Williams

Note: a rare acting credit (and one of his last) for award-winning screenwriter John Banas (and father of actress Michaela Banas) as the barrister who is opposes Lisa. Son Alexis Banas appears in ep 5.21


Episode 5.19 (75)
W: Johanna Piggot
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Lisa is drawn to an attractive young lawyer; however, she is forced into an ethical dilemma when his personal life unravels. Flicker prosecutes the case against a woman accused of murder, but the true culprit may be someone no one expected. Michael's politician brother Patrick is attacked and is afraid of how his wife will react when she learns just what he was doing at the time. Meanwhile, Fulvio is determined to save the planet one aerosol can at a time.

With: Carrie Barr as Hooker, Paul Chubb as Patrick Rafferty, Frankie Davidson as Eric Graham, Jeannie Lewis as Julia Morgan, David Lindop as Court Constable No 1, Donald McDonald as Geoffrey Stone, Bryan Marshall as Brian Doyle, Peter Phelps as Janes Frederick, Michael Rozdal as Eddie Morgan, Eve Ryan as Mrs Grace Shirley Sheppard as Mrs Frederick, William Usic as Lawyer

Consciousness Raising

Episode 5.20 (76)
W: Gordon Graham
D: Mark Piper

The feminist movement comes to the courthouse when a prominent feminist runs a group of pigs through the sporting goods shop of a man accused of sexual harassment. Lisa clashes with a lawyer when they disagree on whether or not to bring the victim from a controversial sexual harassment case back into the courtroom. Fulvio begins to question whether or not he really is a "New Man".

With: Beverly Blankenship as Gillian Beech, Ailsa Carpenter as Mrs Gibbs, Ralph Cotterill as Ken Parker, Matthew Crosby as Barry Provis, Craig Elliott as Gary Cromarty, Katrina Foster as Margot Hewison, Marta Kiec-Gubala as Jane Bates, Harold Kissin as Mr Gibbs, Jenni Kubler as Nicole Gibbs, Richard Leape as Photographer, Genevieve Lemon as Julie, Richard Mellick as Constable Gormley, Richard Moss as Robbie Clayton, Karen Vickery as Constable Wiggins, Doug Wiggins as Brian Cheeseman

Free of Passion

Episode 5.21 (77)
W: Chris Roache
D: Alister Smart

Flicker finds himself at the crossroads of a major life decision after he falls in love with a young female Constable, but his excitement at finding new love may see him lose it all. A racing identity is charged with animal cruelty for using live rabbits to train his greyhounds. Lisa's sensational defence of a man accused of masturbating in front of schoolgirls creates a scandal in the courtroom. Michael worries about his friendship with his former girlfriend Helen Hawthorne when she asks him for help after her husband is charged.

With: Lorraine Ashbrook as Woman No 1, Alexis Banas as Boy No 1, Lorraine Bayly as Gwen Forster, Angela Cockburn as Woman No 2, Judy Ferris as Barbara Flicker, Sandy Gore as Helen Hawthorne, Lucky Grills as Darryl Hayes, James Higgins as Wayne Platten, Alex McGurgan as Police Woman, Robert Noble as Lawrie Searle, Fiona Shannon as Alison Grange, Gary Simmons as Court Constable

Many Happy Returns

Episode 5.22 (78)
W: John Upton
D: Mark Piper

A convicted criminal whose ex-wife is about to marry a police officer comes before the court accused of assault; however, his violent outbursts in the courtroom and allegations of police brutality further complicate an already complex case. It is Michael's birthday and, while he is hoping to keep things low-key, his colleagues at the courthouse have other ideas.

With: Jean-Paul Bell as Mr Higgs, Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Hugh Devaney as Mr Flaherty, Megan Down as Mrs Flaherty, Peter Kowitz as Bernie Manders, Jim Manser as Mr Evans, Geraldene Morrow as Maureen Thurgood, Donna O'Connor as Paula, Silvio Ofria as Guido Bartoldi, Eric Oldfield as Tim Peters, Warren Ring as Court Constable, Wynn Roberts as Matt Keegan, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Katy Rafferty, Deborah Unger as Jill Bennett

In Custody

Episode 5.23 (79)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Alister Smart

Lisa assists a young woman whose boyfriend has been arrested; however, she is horrified when she learns that he has been detained without charge and suspects that the police are fitting him up because he is Aboriginal. Michael's plans to see a concert with his new flame are complicated when he finds himself looking after his two children. A man is charged with offensive behaviour after wearing a shirt in protest against Aboriginal deaths in custody.

With: Kylie Belling as Rosie Johnson, John Blair as George, Phil De Carle as Ronnie Matthews, Joseph Clements as Constable Phil Carver, Matthew Cook as Norman, Ernie Dingo as Wayne Williams, Scott Ferguson as Constable Bowland, Michael Kitschke as Kevin McKenzie, Alan Lock as Policeman No 1, Julie Nihill as Cathy Gregory, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Katy Rafferty, Raymond Smith as Cell Sergeant, Susan Steadman as Constable No 1, Digby Thomas as Sgt. Ray Anderson, Michael Watson as Lenny

Lost Empires

Episode 5.24 (80)
W: David Allen
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Lisa fights to save an Indian couple who are facing deportation, only to discover that the collapse of the British Empire means that they have no real home to go back to. Flicker prosecutes an alleged rape committed by an Aboriginal man that is complicated by the fact that the victim is South African and her father is unashamedly racist. Fulvio flirts with a new romance after a woman from his past reappears in his life.

With: Mary Acres as Neighbour, Brian Blain as Bob Doherty, John Blair as Steven Jackson, Gia Carides as Sally, Tonia Corner as Sophie Van Der Merwe, Brett Gray as Jacko, Kevin Healy as Mr Cunningham, Glen Hogstrom as Russ, John Jamieson as Custody Constable, Lisbeth Kennelly as Kathy O'Connell, Raina McKeon as Mrs Patel, Harry Magnus as Piet Van Der Merwe, Natasha Panchalingam as Savitri Patel, Monroe Reimers as Ramesh Patel, Paul Robertson as Murph, Frank Serafin as Desk Constable

The Sea The Sea

Episode 5.25 (81)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Catherine Millar

Michael and Flicker befriend the beachcomber and poet, Snowy White; however, their admiration is crushed when it begins to appear that Snowy may be guilty of murder. Lisa becomes involved in a volatile domestic situation where the contents of a house have been dumped over a cliff. Flicker fears the worst after stepping on a syringe at the beach, while Fulvio is certain that his new metal detector will lead him to his fortune.

Starring: Ted Hamilton as Snowy White

With: Ric Carter as Det. Ray Brown, Sofie Laguna as Stella Christos, Kerr Lansom as Detective, Michael Long as Kilminster, Stewart Mason as Lover, Jackie Reynolds as Lover, David Slingsby as Brian Hudspeth, Brian Vriends as Lance Dewitt, Owen Weingott as Samuel Spink

Up, Up and Away

Episode 5.26 (82)
W: David Allen
D: Catherine Millar

Lisa is charmed by a client accused of appropriating money from elderly women; however, Michael and Flicker cause conflict when they question her judgement. A woman is charged with theft after removing the furniture from the house in what Michael quickly recognises is a divorce situation that is out of control. When Sandra heads over to New Zealand for a trip, Fulvio is afraid that she may not be coming back.

With: Vic Hawkins as Mr Szabo, Helen Mutkins as Mrs Clavell, Steven Tandy as Mr Higginson, Frank Lloyd as Mr Fisher, Jessica Noad as Mrs Blenkinsop, James Coates as Mr Clavell, Howard Courtney as Steven Webster, Bernadette Madell as Mrs McCarthy, Faye Fogarty as Sybil, Rob Hunter as Airport Cleaner, David Lindop as Desk Constable, Becky Bowles as Young Woman, Della Cantor as Mrs Kodaly, Dennis Hruby as Pianist, Peter Norris as Hastings, Pat Ryall as Mrs Jamieson, Maureen Sullivan as Mrs Gordon

Note: the cast credits at the end of the episode are no longer presented in alphabetical order

Punch Ups

Episode 5.27 (83)
W: John Upton
D: Mike Smith

A prominent radio host is charged with common assault after punching out a gossip columnist in a busy restaurant. Michael is faced with the consequences of his judgements when he sentences a man accused of assault, only to later learn that the man's employer has sacked him. Michael's son, Jack, is being bullied and Michael and Flicker have very different opinions on the best way to deal with it. The courthouse is abuzz in the lead-up to a Mike Tyson fight.

With: Noel Trevarthen as Tony Williams, Duncan Wass as Mr Lumley, Leverne McConnell as Beradine Nelson, Andrew S. Gilbert as Tom Nelson, Lorna Stewart as Mrs Anderson, Tony Sheldon as Allan Anderson, Brian McDermott as Paul Maynard, Elaine Hudson as Miss Skeet, Tony Harvey as Merv, Belinda Shepherd as Katy Rafferty, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Halina Abramowicz as Rosie, Peter Talmacs as Friend, Annie Finsterer as T.V. Publicist, Steve Cox as Dave Zhokov, Joel Fisher as Brannigan, Gary Simmons as Desk Sergeant, Rocky Lo Surdo as Court Constable

Best & Brightest

Episode 5.28 (84)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Michael is reunited with an old classmate in the lead-up to a school reunion; however, he is left wondering if they've come very far at all since the schoolyard. Flicker deals with a new Court Constable who doesn't seem to have what it takes for the job, but who has relatives in high places. Lisa goes for a job interview, but she may be underestimating the power of factional politics. Fulvio is anxious about his studies as his exams approach.

With: Grigor Taylor as Warren East, Brian Blain as Bob Doherty, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, Marise Wipani as Amanda Medhurst, Matt Kay as Gerry Regan, Phil Dodd as Const. Snell, Ron Blanchard as Jones-Worthington, Paul Mason as Jeremy Prince, Ted Webster as Simon Smith, Robert Spain as A.L.P. Man, Carmel Mullin as Glenda, Anthony Heffernan as Mr Baldock, Amanda Newman-Phillips as Jill

Unaccompanied Bark

Episode 5.29 (85)
W: Michael Cove
D: Mike Smith

An elderly journalist is arrested for shoplifting and, while Michael and Lisa attempt to find the reason in his actions, Flicker and the rest of the police force are determined to seek revenge for the articles on police corruption that ruined their mate's career. An artist is accused of assaulting a police officer while defending her rather controversial painting.

Guest Appearances: Alwyn Kurts as George Bradstock, Ken Fraser as Harry Lane

With: Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Mark Dignam as Alan Mitchell, Leo Taylor as Terry Matthews, Linden Wilkinson as Angela O'Neill


Episode 5.30 (86)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Geoffrey Nottage

Michael is consumed by guilt after he hits a man with his van; however he starts to wonder if maybe there are deeper issues at play when he seeks guidance on how to deal with his feelings. Flicker clashes with a high-flying defence lawyer after a witness is heavied into changing his story. A former lover reappears in Lisa's life with a business proposition that is too good to refuse, but she finds herself conflicted when he offers her the chance to revisit their relationship.

With: Noel Trevarthen as Tony Williams, Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Julie Nihill as Cathy Gregory, Paul Chubb as Patrick Rafferty, Lorrie Cruickshank as Nerida Foster, Terry Brady as Barry Foster, Louise Howitt as Ruth Elliott, Mark Fairall as Philip Elliott, David Morris as Les Fisher, John Norris as Martin O'Keefe, Benjamin Frankin as Bill Harley, William McInnes as Graig Farner, Roy Billing as Reg Markham, Jack Mayers as Policeman, Claire Haywood as Charge Sister, Julie-Ann Crellin as Court Constable

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