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Rafferty's Rules [Pilot 1]

Episode 1.0
Written by Ben Lewin
Directed by Ben Lewin

The first pilot episode was made in May 1984 and featured Chris Haywood in the title role. The second pilot with John Wood was made in October 1984 with the series going into production in March 1985. The main courtroom storylines are the same with the cast differences the most notable deviation from the second pilot.

Cast: Chris Haywood as Michael Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Morris Flicker, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne Gray, Mark Little as Fulvio Frangellomini, Bryan Marshall as Mr Barraclough, Bruce Spence as Emmanuel Triggs, Antoinette Byron as Felix, Peter Carmody as Mr Wilkins, Andrew Tighe as Mr Lumley, Peter Moon as Frank Nettleton, Jane Hopkins as Helen Trethewie, Sally McKenzie as Policewoman Prior, George Shevstov as Dr Lipton, Bob Hornery as Mr Healy, Peggy Wallach as Iris Rose, Bernadette Hughson as Dr Petherton, Duncan Wass as D.C. Viner, Brian Anderson as D.C. Skeggs, Jeff Truman as Constable Flowers, Tony Helou as Moslem Boy, Tony Saad as Moslem Father, Jim Holt as Constable McIvor, Scott Phillips as Stephen Frost, David Franklin as Athol Trench, Gary Waddell as Villain, Rod Zuanic as Customer

Note: guide structure is based on the series as it was presented on 7plus.

Rafferty's Rules [Pilot 2]

Episode 1.1
Thu, Feb 12, 1987 (7:30)
W: Ben Lewin
D: Leigh Spence

Michael Aloysius Rafferty is the newly appointed Stipendiary Magistrate to Manly Local Court. He is unique in that he shows a humanitarian attitude to some of the people on trial, yet upholds the law.

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio

With: John Gregg as Barraclough, Bruce Spence as Triggs, Duncan Wass as Lumley; Dereck Amer as Const. Flowers, Colin Borgonon as Dr. Lipton, Peter Carmody as Wilkins, Norman Coburn as Sonst. Skeggs, Gary Dale as Const. Viner, Liz Harris as Estate Agent, Jane Hopkins as Helen Trethewie, Harold Kissin as Healy, Sally McKenzie as Const. Prior, Scott Phillips as Frost, Nicholas Ryan as Trench, Peggy Wallach as Iris Rose

Win Some, Lose Some

Episode 1.2
Thu, February 19, 1987
W: Christopher Lee
D: Leigh Spence

Rafferty's estranged wife Joanne arrives in Sydney to discuss a few things and he is anxious. Meanwhile, Paulyne has a crisis of conscience when she has to act for a man in an assault case.

With: Rodney Bell as Tony, Bill Conn as Counsel, Phillip De Carle as Hardware Man, Bernadette Foster as Cleaning Lady, Judy Ferris as Mrs Flicker, Kathy Anne Hopkins as Debbie, Richard Jones as Shane, Bettina Laird as Sharon, Harry Lawrence as Mr Davidson, Robert Mammone as Brad, Mary Nazibian as Interpreter, Patrick Phillips as Young Solicitor, Mersina Soulos as Julie Alexis, George Sais as Kyriakos, Peter Whitford as Harmon

Truth to Tell

Episode 1.3
Thu, February 26, 1987
W: Bruce Stewart
D: Leigh Spence

Rafferty presides over a case that sees a self-proclaimed white witch defending herself against a fraud charge for providing a faulty love potion. While prosecuting the case, Flicker is struck down by a mysterious illness — or perhaps a curse. Paulyne defends a man charged with abusing his wife but both parties insist there's no truth it.©tzuk

With: Rosanna Barillaro as Anna, Benita Collings as Magda, Elizabeth Crosby as Clare Sampson, Peter Ford as Berny Sampson, Hans Farkash as Czerny, Marina Finlay as Emma, Tim McKenzie as Ed Sampson, Marilyn Mayo as Policewoman Ellen, Patricia Olivieri as Maria, Denny Prussian as Claudio

The Free Life

Episode 1.4
Thu, March 05, 1987
W: David Allen
D: Steve Mann

Rafferty is feeling middle-aged and stuck in a rut while he finds himself dealing with the issue of youth unemployment. He tries to help a young man find legitimate employment, is dragged into the business dealings of an animal rights activist, and has a pair of young women in his court due to an over-zealous beach inspector.©tzuk

With: Bob Barrett as Harry, Antoinette Blaxland as Sue Lawrence, Laurie Butler as Punter, Shannon Clark as Small Girl, Colin Croft as Magistrate Colin Garrett, John Fitzgerald as Pete, Suzanne Fox as Lisa, John Grant as Trevor Pike, Alexander Hay as Redgrave, Anna Hruby as Di Mulroney, Patti McLaughlin as Doreen, Mark Morrissey as Poultry Inspector, Sally Phillips as Susie, Doug Scroope as Mr. Lavendar, Joan Winchester as Mrs. Jones

The Women

Episode 1.5
Thu, March 12, 1987
W: Alma De Groen
D: Steve Mann

The media assemble outside the courtroom when a wealthy socialite in the midst of a high-profile divorce appears before Rafferty for failing to pay an artist for a portrait she commissioned for her husband. A man claims not to remember he is married to five different women.©tzuk

With: Michael Adams as Bill Howard, Les Asmussen as Winston Tenish, Gillian Axtell as Cheryl, Noeline Brown as Tonti Howard, Bassia Carole as Narelle, Josie Mackay as Leanne, Susan Lee Masterton as Maralyn, Danny May as Chauffer, Lynne Murphy as Vera, Denise Otto as Mrs. Simpson, Cecil Parkee as Greengrocer, Jacki Simmons as Rosalie, John Turnbull as Weeks, Stuart Wagstaff as Scott Hopkins

Rafferty And The Strangers Among Us

Episode 1.6
Thu, March 19, 1987
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Rafferty feels alone after his recent move to the city. An outspoken Aboriginal rights activist is before Rafferty for trespassing at the Opera House. A boundary dispute between two neighbours ends in tragedy. Paulyne invites Rafferty to go sailing on a friend's yacht. Rafferty is asked to keep a woman's mentally impaired son out of jail. Fulvio hits the gym.©tzuk

With: Jon Darling as Drunk, Kati Edwards as Mrs. Morrissey, John Faasen as Judge Drummond, Iain Gardiner as Const. Barton, Dan Holliday as Police Const., Richard Hughes as Desmond Morrisey, Max Height as Idlington, Barry Henry as Jogger, Ray Hadfield as Speaker, Sue Ingleton as Polly, Gregory Jones as Police Sergeant, Shirley Sheppard as Speaker, Desmond Tester as Bonieczeck, Robert Underhill as Speaker, Stuart Wagstaff as Scott Hopkins

Sin with Gold

Episode 1.7
Thu, March 26, 1987
W: Michael Cove
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

After fighting to keep a high-profile drug case in his court, Rafferty has no choice but to dismiss the case for a lack of evidence against the accused dealer — but not before recommending the case be reviewed by the Attorney General. To get a handle on the local drug scene, Rafferty seeks the council of a group of young surfers.©tzuk

With: Prue Bassett as Anita, Julie Breen as Debbie, Timothy Conigrave as Jed, Garry Cook as Baris, Graham Corry as Harms, Roslyn Howell as Nell, Keith Holloway as Kelly, Kerry McGuire as Irene Doonan, Peter Rees as Allan, David Ravenswood as Harrison, [and several uncredited]

Looking Good

Episode 1.8
Thu, April 02, 1987
W: John Upton
D: Leigh Spence

A wealthy fashion designer pursues a poor dressmaker for copying her designs. A man is on trial for shooting his actress wife in error after discovering her affair with a film director. Flicker worries about how Rafferty will come across when he agrees to be interviewed by a reporter but Rafferty becomes alarmed when she begins looking into his private life. Fulvio's new milliner girlfriend keeps him well-attired.©tzuk

With: Liz Chance as Margaret, Kim Deacon as Julia, Alan Faulkner as Henry Evans, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Penne Hackforth-Jones as Danielle, Alton Harvey as Reynolds, Tracey Higginson as Gayle McNamara, George Kovac as Court Constable, Barry Langrishe as Brendan Britten, John O'Brien as Ned McNamara, Stuart Wagstaff as Scott Hopkins

Reason To Believe

Episode 1.9
Thu, April 09, 1987
W: Christopher Lee
D: Leigh Spence

A young prostitute tests the patience and dignity of the court when she refuses to submit the customary guilty plea and decides to defend herself against a soliciting charge. Representatives of the American government try to rush an extradition case through the court but their flimsy brief and pressure tactics don't sit well with Rafferty. Rafferty's doctor advises him to get in better shape following a suspected heart attack. Rafferty's colleagues plan a surprise birthday party.©tzuk

With: Louise Bennetto as Danielle, Doug Chambers as Sergeant Macklin, Don Chapman as Daniels, Barry Eaton as Doctor, Tim Elliott as Houghton, Tim Elston as Payne, Ian Etherington as Fitzgerald, Peter Fisher as Robbo, Paul Graham as Muscle Man, John Higgins as Tollhurst, Shelley Kennedy as Secretary, Sandie Lillingston as Sascha, Gabrielle Page as Laura, Arthur Sherman as Denton, Ty Williams as Waiter

Mates And Brothers

Episode 1.10
Thu, April 16, 1987
W: David Allen
D: Steve Mann

The impassioned parties in a family dispute appear before Rafferty but matters escalate when Rafferty interrupts a bomb being planted in his chambers kicking off a seige. Rafferty catches up with an old mate after he appears in court on vagrancy charges. The man's loss of his family in a traffic accident informs Rafferty's decision in another case of negligent driving. Rafferty has Paulyne over for a too sticky lasagna.©tzuk

With: Bob Barrett as Harry, Joya Brahms as Kiosk Lady, Maggie Britton as Mrs. Osborn, Gino de Martino as Mr. Gianni, Mark Dignam as Special Squad Sergeant, John Ewart as Halliday, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, John Grant as Trevor Pike, Patti McLaughlin as Doreen, Ray Meagher as George, Antoinette Pacitto as Mrs. Gianni, Franco Valentino as Mr. Rassibini, David Whitford as Blanding


Episode 1.11
Thu, April 23, 1987
W: David Marsh
D: Steve Mann

With the city's coroner flat out, a drowning inquest is transferred to Rafferty's court. The case involves the accidental but heroic death of a lifesaver and the actions of a champion tennis player and aspiring politician whose career Michael and Flicker are under pressure not to derail.©tzuk

With: Kate Carruthers as Mrs. Sullivan, Melanie Day as Coral-Lee, Wallas Eaton as Leadbetter, Kevin Manser as Woodgate, Warwick Moss as Ratchman, Nadene O'Neil as Sullivan Child, Dylan O'Neil as Sullivan Child, Martin Vaughan as Jackie Blythe, Chris Wordsworth as Newsreader, Bill Young as Bill Swann

Stray Cat

Episode 1.12
Thu, April 30, 1987
W: Tim Gooding
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Shortly after a young drifter comes before Rafferty's court for being in possession of a cat skin, his own beloved pet feline Rhubarb goes missing. Two brothers and self-declared recidivists are in court for flogging stolen health products. Fulvio is keen on the new sandwich girl at the corner shop.©tzuk

With: Ewa Bok as Mrs. Molnar, Amber Mae Cecil as Cat Woman, Denise Davies as Ms. Hubers, Christopher Dibb as Warren Singleton, Richard Gilbert as Elderly Gentleman, Phillip Hogan as Constable, George Smilovici as Ted Szabo, Vince Sorrenti as Joe Szabo, Greg Stone as Ray O'Riordan, Glenn Swift as Dog Owner

Invasion of Privacy

Episode 1.13
Thu, May 07, 1987
W: Paul Davies
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Rafferty endures an embarassing rescue during his early morning swim. An old digger is in court for causing a disturbance at the airport while intoxicated. The workings of Rafferty's court are scrutinised by a pair of Parliamentarians. A destitute pensioner with a moral objection to government assistance appears on a minor shoplifting offence. After buying a second-hand VCR from Fulvio's cousin, Rafferty's flat is robbed — by another of Fulvio's distant relatives.©tzuk

With: June Collis as Caroline Summerfield, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Judy Gray as Mavis Templeton, Grant Hawkins as Repairman, May Howlett as Eunice Coates, Andrew Inglis as Bill Somers, Gregory Jones as P.C. Matthews, Glenda Linscott as P.C. Waterman, Margie McCrae as Police Const., Moira Mason as Alice, Allan Penney as Herb McManus, Joe Petruzzi as Tony Catania, David Ravenswood as Harrison c.s.m, Phillip Ross as Tom Daley, Doug Scroope as Beach Inspector, Jenny Vuletic as Const. Howard

Rafferty and the Rough Diamond

Episode 1.14
Thu, May 14, 1987
W: Steve Wright
D: Leigh Spence

After starting his day with a series of traffic offences, Rafferty makes arrangements with Fulvio's cousin Tony to repair his aging combi. In court, Rafferty makes a series of rulings that puts him offside with both Paulyne and Flicker. Rafferty begins seeing an artist only to learn she is on the verge of moving overseas.

With: Kate Buchanan as Woman Police Constable, Sheree DaCosta as Shop Assistant, Gosia Dobrowolska as Maz, Barry Donnelly as Sergeant, John Godden as Russell Stephens, John Grinston as Const. Pope, Denise Kirby as Const. No.1, Stan Kouros as Tony, Georgina Kay as Doris, Kevin Scully as Scully, Digby Thomas as Sharkey, Niki Wane as Travel Agent, Michael Wester as Const. No.2, David Wheeler as Barnes, Rosalind Woolf as Const. Freeman

Public Image

Episode 1.15
Thu, May 21, 1987
W: David Allen
D: Leigh Spence

An aging and forgotten actor — once famous for his role in a tv legal drama — is disappointed by the lack of press interest in his armed robbery case fearing they will miss his comeback performance. The early release of a convicted murderer raises safety concerns for his victim's family. A glamorous TV host covering a celebrity assault case tries to talk her way into filming inside Rafferty's court.

With: Greg Arthur as Court Constable, Greg Bepper as Jones, Harry Berwick as Gordon Clark, Jill Clayton as Joan Bates, Jonathan Coleman as Brandon, Roger Connor as Ballentine, Peter Engebretsen as TV Newsreader, Shendelle Franklin as Cheryl, Felicity Gordon as Kath Robinson, Michael Horrocks as Wayne Robinson, Kristen Mann as Ted Bruce, Max Meldrum as Pendleton, Kris McQuade as Pamela Gordon, Antony Waddington as TV Reporter, Bevan Wilson as Matich

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