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Time Out

Episode 2.1 (16)
Written by John Upton
Directed by Marcus Cole

The pressures of work begins to wear of Paulyne and a friend suggests a break — or a new relationship. Just when things are turning around, her client escapes from custody and her new boyfriend goes back to his wife. Flicker stands for election — for the presidency of the Wine Society. Rafferty is also seeing someone new, a barrister. Fulvio tries to prepare Rafferty for when he goes on vacation.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Arky Michael as Fulvio,

With: Tina Bursill as Erica Jamison, John Cameron as Dr. McCubbin, Zoe Carides as Mardi, Robert Coleby as David Andrews, Carolyn Devlin as Policewoman, Kelly Dingwall as Billy, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Kristoffer Greaves as Roach, Lee James as P.C. Barry, Angela Kennedy as Sandy, Sharon Phegan as Bettina, Gary Ross as Policeman, Sarah Wallace as Old Lady

To The Whistle

Episode 2.2 (17)
W: Michael Cove
D: Graham Thorburn

Flicker's replacement, Dave "Bomber" Clayton, a retired football star turned police prosecutor, introduces himself to the court where he quickly learns he now has to play it by Rafferty's rules. Bomber refuses Paulyn's request to withdraw a domestic abuse charge when the wife doesn't want to proceed. Paulyn defends a trio of football hooligans accused of assaulting a referee.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Terry Serio as Bomber Clayton

With: Danny Adcock as George Henty, Greg Arthur as Court Constable, Rick Carter as Detective Sgt. Brown, Jennifer Claire as Florence Henty, Nigel Devenport as Detective No.1, Nicolas Forster as Lenny Carr, Bernadette Foster as Cleaning Lady, Peter Greenwood as Robert Guthrie, Norman Hodges as Kirby, Michael Kent as Terry, Mark McAskill as Eric Coleman, Walter Sullivan as Huxtable, Jeff Truman as Hartnell

Note: Terry Serio joins the main cast

Make My Day

Episode 2.3 (18)
W: David Allen
D: Russell Webb

Rafferty dismisses the charges against a law student accused of assaulting a local politician at a demonstration. After the politician is caught in a brothel by the students, he goes to Bomber for help when he finds himself being blackmailed. Fulvio's asks his coworkers for help with assignments for his law classes.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Terry Serio as Bomber Clayton

With: Carmen Duncan as Stella Samuels, John Clayton as Briggs, John Dekker as Student, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Lyndon Harris as Reporter, Joy Hruby as Dero Lady, George Kovac as Court Constable [George], Lyn Lovett as Irene Chapple, Warren Ring as Foreman, Robert Sampson as Peter Jefferson, Fiona Stewart as Megan


Episode 2.4 (19)
W: Dave Marsh
D: Russell Webb

Rafferty finds himself looking after his kids when his wife unexpectedly leaves them in his care but just as he is getting used to having them back in his life they are swept away again. Paulyne defends a woman accused of assaulting her abusive ex-husband who is seeking access to his son. A shoplifting case is complicated by mistaken identity. Bomber is approached to run for political office.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Terry Serio as Bomber Clayton

With: Vincent Ball as Mathew, Bruce Bell as Const. Haney, Dedrie Brook as Leonie Clayton, Debra Byrne as Sally Edwards, Adam Cockburn as Max Anson, Eileen Driver as Nana Lesley, Jon English as David Anson, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, George Kovac as Court Constable, John Norris as John Maguire, Craig Pearce as Lyle Jurd, Kate Reid as Joanne Rafferty, Denise Roberts as Baby Sitter, Franca Rubiu as Mrs. Danco, George Rubiu as Van Den Berg, Gillian Seemer as Mrs. Jurd, Andrew Shephard as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Kate Rafferty

Dark Side of the Moon

Episode 2.5 (20)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Marcus Cole

Rafferty's having a "crisis of relevance" and is considering a move back to the country. Fulvio similarly feels like he's drifting through life and Bomber runs in the local by-election. A man faces an assault charge stemming from a feud with the council over his theraputic burning of yard waste. A retired rugby star appears before Rafferty on theft and drug charges. Flicker returns from his whirlwind 40-city European vacation with slides. Lots of slides.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Terry Serio as Bomber Clayton

With: Max Cullen as Mr. Lee, Vic Andrews as Wal O'Reilly, Brian Atkin as Cop, Robert Baxter as Council Insp. Burke, Rick Burchall as Father Hennessey, Allan Chapple as Referee, Sean De Ruyter as Candidate, Bernadette Foster as Cleaner, Steve Hardman as Labor Minder, Lee James as P.C. Barry, Geoff Kelso as Weedy Teller, Michael Long as Kilminster, Melinda Marcellos as Rosemary, Russell Newman as Kenny Donovan, Peter Peters as Sports Commentator, David Ravenswood as Chief Stipendiary Magistrate, Jammie Robinson as P.C. Jones, Ritchie Singer as P.C. Falco, Rob Steele as Bob Graham, Tony Taylor as Monroe

Suspicious Minds

Episode 3.1 (21)
W: John Upton
D: Graham Thorburn

When a sizable amount of money is stolen from Rafferty's chambers, Flicker pursues a new court handyman with a criminal record as a likely culprit. Moreso when his house is burgled leading to expensive renovations. Paulyn takes up his defense despite a braazen robbery at her own house. Paulyne and Flicker spar over a domestic assault case hinging on a claim of self defense. An antiques dealer is accused of selling counterfeit goods.©tzuk

Starring: John Wood as Michael Rafferty S.M, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne

With: Greg Arthur as Court Constable No. 1, Peter Astridge as Benjamin, Stephen Atkins as Mouse, Sammy Bakhach as Stenographer, Ric Carter as Detective Sgt. Brown, Russell Crowe as Bobby Jarvis, Neil Dupen as Detective Grove, Gill Falson as Jocelyn's Mum, Rudy Fazio as Court Constable No. 2, Ron Gaist as Jocelyn's Dad, Celine Griffin as Jocelyn Ferris, Tony Harvey as Merv, Rocky Lo Surdo as Court Constable No. 3, Andrew Lloyde as Harry Ferris, Des Mangan as Salesman, John Skarratt as Robinson, Brenda Senders as Mrs. Hemphill


Episode 3.2 (22)
W: Chris Roache
D: Graham Thorburn

A labour dispute spills into the courthouse when Rafferty hears a case involving vandelism on a building site. A colleague tries to recruit Paulyne for a position in industrial relations. A new temp clerk with staunch workers rights beliefs upsets the running of the court. A seamstress seeks Paulyn's help for collecting unpaid wages. The construction of Flicker's new pool is beset by delays. Fulvio accuses Rafferty of being out of touch with the working man.©tzuk

With: Doug Anderson as Barry, Greg Arthur as Court Constable, David Atkins as Kevin, Sammy Bakhach as Stenographer, Rosemary Blundo as Pat, Norman Coburn as Doug, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Ray Hadfield as Ray, Andrew Inglis as Policeman No. 2, John Jamieson as Policeman No.1, Alex Lee as Labourer, Stephen Leeder as Wally, John Livingstone as Jock, Rocky Lo Surdo as Court Constable, Peter Lyons as Peter, Nick Magasic as Steve Vitali, Gerry Skilton as Cohort, Gary Stalker as Eric Jemmet, Noel Trevarthen as Tony Williams, Peter Turnbull as Billy 'Bunter' Jones

Prejudice and Pride

Episode 3.3 (23)
W: David Allen
D: Russell Webb

Rafferty stars in the Gilbert and Sullivan Society's productions of "Trial By Jury" and "The Mikado". Paulyne is concerned for Fulvio when he falls for her sister, Jenny. She asks Rafferty to intervene but he only makes matters worse. A vietnamese family is targeted by a group of young fascist thugs. A homeowner lands in court for having a noisy watch dog.©tzuk

With: Luong Ba as Mr. Bao, Bob Batchelor as Young Man, Antoinette Blaxland as Pamela Dickin, Jo-Anne Cahill as Cassandra, Brett Climo as Peter Becker, Maurice Coleman as Middle Aged Man, Sylvia Coleman as Middle Aged Woman, Khanh Dinh Nguyen as Mr. Van Loc, Scott Ferguson as Tom, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Paul Flanagan as Young Actor, Richard Harasty as Thug 2, Shane McNamara as Mr. Jones, Mei Ngo as Mrs. Van Loc, Grace Parr as Lan Van Loc, Melanie Salomon as Jenny, Bruce Venables as Harry, Owen Weingott as Karl Becker, David Wenham as Thug 1, Yin Yen Ho as Ling Van Loc

Notes: guest stars David Wenham (here in one of his earliest roles) and Brett Climo will both go on to appear alongside John Wood in Blue Heelers — playing the same character, Maggie Doyle's brother Robbie. Previous RR star Terry Serio will also appear in BH as Maggie's other brother, Mick, while Catherine Wilkin has a long guest run on BH as solicitor Sally Downie (a love interest to Wood's Tom Croydon).

Out of the Past

Episode 3.4 (24)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Russell Webb

Rafferty's older brother, a conservative politician, visits him bringing news from his wife that she wants a divorce. A high-flying barrister is back in Rafferty's courtroom seeking a lenient sentence for his client, a transsexual accused of running a brothel. The theft of a valuable record brings Rafferty into the company of aging rocker 'n roller. A divorced couple come before the court for his refusal to accept the divorce.©tzuk

Special Guest Stars: Paul Chubb as Patrick Rafferty, Les Dayman as Sgt. Davis, John Gregg as Baraclough, Glenn Shorrock as Ray Aston

With: Laura Banning as Simone Reeves, Anthony Bradley as Gene Aston, Peter Cameron as Reg Graham, Lyn Collingwood as Janine Graham, Jon Darling as Phil, Roger Eagle as Malcolm McMurchey, Anni Finsterer as Narelle Grimes, Richard Gilbert as Old Tom, Marty Irwin as Eddy Aston, Alan Lovell as Constable Evans, Stuart McCreery as Det. Const. Ron Franklin, Jack Nicholas as Jack, Kate Reid as Joanne Rafferty, Vic Rooney as Brother McNamara, Jamie Roden as Constable Smith, Iain Strutt as Surf Shop Owner

The Hit

Episode 3.5 (25)
W: Christopher Lee
D: Graham Thorburn

Rafferty is put under police protection after an attempt is made on his life and a threatening letter is delivered to his chambers. But when Rafferty acquits a bikie charged in connection to a violent assault, he and his mates offer to protect Rafferty. Paulyne defends a man accused of assaulting his landlord. Rafferty is visited by his ex-wife's new boyfriend who tells Michael of his intention to propose.©tzuk

With: Derek Amer as Constable Tate, Greg Arthur as Constable Walker, Sammy Bakhach as Stenographer, Shelley Benson as Young Woman, Holly Campbell as Female Reporter, Roger Campbell as Constable, Roger Carroll as Mr. MacGuire, Ric Carter as Detective Sgt. Brown, Don Chapman as Reporter No.2, Dennis Grosvenor as Gordon Nash, Curt Jansen as Jeweller, Rocky Lo Surdo as Court Constable No.3, Jamie Macintosh as Office Clerk, Lindsay McCormack as Billy, Glenn McMahon as Neil Hewson, Cathren Michalak as Mrs. O'Farrell, Ian Mortimer as Keg O'Farrell, Sharon Phegan as Bettina, Trevor Prior as Det. Const. Matthews, Murray Schipp as Reporter No.3, Franc Violi as Mimmo Panizzino, Ian Whalan as Reporter No.1

Freedom of Choice

Episode 3.6 (26)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Graham Thorburn

Rafferty, embroiled in what local papers call "the punk drug squatters assualt case", faces a housing crisis of his own when his landlord sells his flat. Rafferty is perplexed by Flicker's sudden interest in horse racing and deals with the by-products of a cashless society: credit card junkies.

With: Greg Arthur as Constable Walker, Bob Baines as Geoffrey Walter, Sammy Bakhach as Stenographer, Brian Barrie as Alderman Barsby, Marc Caleb as Dr. Van Haas, Colleen Clifford as Mrs. Murdoch, Richard Eddy as Home Buyer, Jon Fabian as Auctioneer, Eli Faen as Little Boy [Jason Sampson], Emma Fowler as Little Girl, Louise Fox as Maria Bellini, Peta Gischus as Home Buyer, Simon Gratton as Spicer, Jennifer Hagan as Nadine Karski, Liz Harris as Female Estate Agent, Anthony Ingersent as Bank Manager, Raymond Kerr-Lansom as Workman, Kevin Leslie as Racing Identity Mr Ward, Rocky Le Surdo as Court Constable, Malcolm McCallum as Estate Agent, Bernard 'Doc' Neeson as John 'Jacko' Corrigan, Ben Oxenbould as Young Bank Customer, Tim Page as Mr. Kestrel, Ken Radley as Roy Sampson, Nicholas Riggs as Punk Teenager 1, Stewart Rouse as Court Constable, Duncan Wass as Lumley

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