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9/10 of the Law

Episode 4.1 (27)
Written by Tim Gooding
Directed by Kevin Dobson

Michael wrestles with the concept of possession after the discovery of Aboriginal remains creates a conflict of ownership between the State and the Indigenous community. Flicker heads off on holiday, leaving the courthouse to deal with a string of less than adequate replacements, while Paulyne considers moving on to private practice when she begins to wonder if her work is really being appreciated.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne

Special Guest: Andrew McFarlane as Gibson

With: Tony Benedict-Smith as Ranger Jones, Roger Cox as Elliot Menzies, John Gregg as Barraclough, Peter Hayes as Peter Booth, Christian Hodge as Phil Danzey, Andrew Inglis as Const. Duxbury, Geoff Kelso as Lance Tillis, Janis Lander as Marge Tillis, James Lee as Const. McLean, Lydia Miller as Wendy Palmer, Mark Saunders as Kevin King, Emily Stocker as Tracy, Trisha Treanor as Angry Woman, Roger Ward as Albert Potts, Ken Wayne as Henry Plummer


Episode 4.2 (28)
W: John Upton
D: Mike Smith

Michael is caught between a rock and a hard place when he is forced to decide the fate of a young boy whose doctors believe is sick, but whose parents are refusing further tests on religious grounds. Paulyne finds herself under pressure when she defends an accused rapist. Gibson's personal life and professional life begin to collide after a visit from his wife throws him during a prosecution.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Andrew McFarlane as Gibson, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne

With: Colin Berkinshaw as Cell Policeman, Robert Brookman as Reporter, Colin Borgonon as Grant Sexon, Molly Campbell as Reporter, Lynette Curran as Dr Curlewis, Patrick Dickson as Matthews, Michelle Fawdon as Narelle Saxon, Rhondda Findelton as Mrs Nicholson, John Gregg as Barraclough, Julie Herbert as Mrs Evans, Kim Knuckey as ? [uncredited], Jenni Kubler as Felicity Coe, Tim McKenzie as Robert Evans, Mitchell McMahon as Billy Saxon, Paul Ogden as Reporter, Tony Phillips as Simpkins, Kate Reid as Joanne Rafferty, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Katie Rafferty, Jon Sidney as McGraw, Taya Stratton as Amanda Kurtz

Those Who Can

Episode 4.3 (29)
W: David Allen
D: Graham Thorburn

Fulvio learns that his teacher and idol isn't quite the perfect magistrate that he thought after he takes over when Michael falls ill. A woman finds herself before the court when she refuses to comply with regulations regarding the education of her daughter. Gibson comes into conflict with his wife when they debate whether or not to send their daughter to a private school.

With: Nicole Bolton as Sarah, Rhondda Findleton as Sue Gibson, Aleisa Forster as Helen Brown, Nicholas Forster as Christopher Birtles, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Ric Hutton as Mr Graves, Richard Leape as Court Constable, David Lynch as Frost, Jennifer West as Mrs Brown

Sense of Duty

Episode 4.4 (30)
W: Chris Roache
D: Kevin Dobson

The courthouse becomes the centre of the fallout from a botched Secret Intelligence Agency training exercise. Paulyne is shadowed by a writer working on a book about women in the legal profession, but Michael quickly realises that there seems to be more to this writer than meets the eye. Fulvio is depressed after learning that he is being conscripted into the Italian Army, while a former colleague creates trouble for Gibson.

With: Robert Bruning as Bill Rutledge, Lucius Borich as Harry Bennett, Ric Carter [Richard Carter] as Ray Brown, John Farndale as Tom Stewart, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Paul Gleeson as Craig Winston, Lyndon Harris as Reporter, Phillip Hogan as Constable No. 1, Ned Manning as Ross Hurle, Kirsty Meares as Kelly Wells, Rod Mullinar as Harry Bartle, Angela Punch-McGregor as Christine Stanton, David Wilson as Motorist

One for the Road

Episode 4.5 (31)
W: Nick Langton
D: Mike Smith

Gibson faces his past after a series of alcohol-related prosecutions force him to confront the reasons he gave up drinking. Barraclough goes on the warpath after his Mercedes is stolen and crashed by a drunken teenager. Michael is drawn to a woman at a party; however, he soon finds himself placed in a compromising position when she comes to him for help after being arrested.

With: Tina Bursill as Erica Jamison, Dey Charmers as Sgt. Norman, Gilbere Christian as Michael De La Lande, Philip De Carle as Ronnie Murphy, Alastair Duncan as Rex Jacobi, Judi Farr as Rhonda White, Ron Graham as Frank White, John Gregg as Barraclough, David Jay as Kevin Millen, Anna Maria Monticelli as Diana Newby, Gavin Morrison as Ronnie Curnow, Mark Spain as Danny White, Rod Weaver as David Calhoun, David Wenham as Matthieson


Episode 4.6 (32)
W: David Marsh
D: Graham Thorburn

A series of sexual assaults has consequences for the courthouse when the police fit up suspects and Paulyne is attacked in her own home. A Filipino woman attempts to bring charges against her abusive husband; however, there may be more at stake than just her own safety. Meanwhile, Fulvio can't remember just how he and his cousin's wife ended up in bed together.

With: Jan Adele as Mrs Gunning, Vic Andrews as Mr Moon, Kim Antonios as Myra, Ric Carter as Det. Ray Brown [uncredited], Pauline Chan as Inez Ball, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, John Godden as Zimmer, Keith Holloway as Vic Ball, Ivar Kants as Father Phelan, Robert Taylor as Constable Hanks; uncredited as George Kontaminos

Note: one of Robert Taylor's earliest known roles

Horse Play

Episode 4.7 (33)
W: David Allen & Chris Peacock
D: Mike Smith

Paulyne finds that her personal life is mirroring her professional life when her former lover, Gavin, reappears and announces that he is getting married, just as she is defending a woman who refuses to accept that her marriage is over. Michael and Paulyne try to help a young man with a low IQ find a future with horses. The races are on and Michael is certain that his tip-off is going to serve him better than any of Fulvio or Paulyne's systems.

With: Liddy Clarke as Faye, Andy Devine as Bookmaker, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Sean Garlick as Tim, Christine Hill as Mrs Somers, Jane Hodges as Margaret, Peter Hosking as Gavin Courtney, Harold Jones as Jim Dorsey, Rosey Jones as Kere Rankin, Alan Lovell as Sam Rankin, David Robbins as Terry Pyle, Tim Robertson as Mervyn Starkey, Matthew Ross as Arthur, Katrina Sedgewick as Alice, Barbara Warner as Madeleine Winch

Truth's a Dog

Episode 4.8 (34)
W: Justine Fleming
D: Graham Thorburn

Paulyne accuses an insurance company of racism when they report a Lebanese man to the police after he claims his precious rings were stolen just days after taking out a policy. Michael finds himself discovering the complexities of insurance when his car is ransacked and he realises that his policy lapsed a week earlier. Gibson's attempt to buy his wife a birthday present from Fulvio's cousin goes awry after he accidentally leaves the gift in the back of a taxi.

With: Bill Conn as Hipsley Kennedy, Rhondda Findelton as Sue Gibson, Norm Galton as Charlie Royle, Ray Hadfield as Bill Ryder, Christopher Lewis as Deeb Habib, Kym Lynch as Mechanic, Trevor Prior as Detective Matthews, Sonja Tallis as Sally Manning, Franco Valentino as Claudio, Christina Youhanna as Julia Habib

The Great Divide

Episode 4.9 (35)
W: Sue Castrique
D: Graham Thorburn

Michael, Paulyne and Gibson find their ethics challenged when they deal with a man accused of raping his wife; however, it soon becomes apparent to all that the case is far more sinister than they ever could have imagined. Michael seeks the assistance of the others at the courthouse when he goes shopping for a birthday present for his daughter, while Gibson finds himself struggling to manage work and parenthood when his wife goes for a job interview.

With: Greg Arthur as Policeman, Nicole Bolton as Sarah, Annie Byron as Christine Clarke, Ric Carter as Det. Ray Brown, Jayson Duncan as Robert, Rhondda Findelton as Sue Gibson, Robert Greenberg as Detective, Edgar Metcalfe as Dr. Hendrick, Julia Moody as Mrs Williams, Geoff Morrell as Allan Tillaman, Jaye Rose as Megan, Judy Stratford as Judy Tillaman, Dennis Tordoff as Bert, Sheila Tordoff as Vi Watson

The Quantity of Mercy

Episode 4.10 (36)
W: David Allen
D: Mike Smith

What should have been a straightforward sentencing on a prison escapee becomes more complicated when Paulyne points out that there is a discrepancy in his file. Gibson's one-sided view of the law clashes with Michael and Paulyne's more liberal approaches. A man starts to consider desperate actions when his ex-wife denies him access to their son and Michael suspects that he is being harassed by a troubled teenage boy who has come before him in court.

With: Madeleine Blackwell as Maureen Parker, Margarita Bowman as Mrs Makavevez, Linton Chapman as Bradley Thorpe, Graham Corry as Paul Lewis, Peter Fisher as Ritchie McMahon, Jimmy Hayes as Robbo Cvetkovic, Nick Holland as Frank Parr, Kerry McGuire as Irene Doonan, Robert Noble as Ken Spicer, Matthew O'Sullivan as Dr Thorpe, Richard Rowe as Ed Parker, John Stone as Charles Morton, Bevan Wilson as Davo Smalley

Peace of Mind

Episode 4.11 (37)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Mike Smith

Michael is shocked when he goes on an early morning run and discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the beach. The courthouse finds itself becoming caught up in the deadly web of a cult. Sergeant Flicker returns from his long service leave and is just as exhausted as he was before he went away; however, with Fulvio's help, he is determined to win a holiday on a TV quiz show.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne

With: Mark Fairall as Roger Murdoch, Alan Faulkner as Coroner, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Frank Gallacher as Louis Doering, John Hamblin as Tom Herman, Frankie J. Holden as Quiz Compere, Libby Maywald as Wendy Moonchild, Brian Harrison as Herbert Rhone, Denise Otto as Alice Herman, John Polson as Garth Manso, Trevor Prior as Det. Robert Simkins, Frank Serafin as Constable Parker

Thursday the Twelfth

Episode 4.12 (38)
W: Christopher Lee
D: Mike Smith

Michael takes responsibility for a foreign woman after she shows up on his doorstep. Flicker prosecutes three girls accused of giving free groceries to elderly pensioners in the lead-up to Easter, but he soon begins to fear that the police are merely doing the supermarket's dirty work. Fulvio struggles after giving up sugar for Lent, while the Department causes chaos by setting the painters on the courthouse.

With: Mark Bower as Supermarket Man, Della Cantor as Bag Lady, Ric Carter as Sgt. Brown, Liddy Clarke as Faye Irwin, Tony Harvey as Merv, Norman Kaye as Harold Messenger, Deborah Kennedy as Miss Herron, Richard Mellick as Constable Darcy, Troy Nesmith as Gary, Margaret Roberts as Mrs Wells, Susan Steadman as Court Constable, Karen Vickery as Constable Lothian, Anna Volska as Frieda, Bill Young as Lenny, David Whitten as Older Supermarket Man

Friends and Neighbours

Episode 4.13 (39)
W: Dave Allen
D: Graham Thorburn

A heatwave frays tempers at the courthouse when everyone arrives at work to find the air-conditioning broken. Michael and Paulyne go apartment-hunting, but Fulvio's cousin isn't finding them quite the great deals that they thought. Flicker fears that Michael has become compromised and is turning the court into a joke. A car accident reveals the tight-knit nature of the Turkish community.

With: Pat Bishop as Mrs. Annie Hartnoll, Robin Bowering as Jackson, Willie Fennell as Jim Stevens, Les Foxcroft as Gordon Burke, Gun Gencer as Turkish Witness, Jay Hackett as Mick, Sofie Laguna as Sandra Hartnoll, Silvio Ofria as Mr Marinos, Ritchie Singer as Mr Yilmaz

The Fleet's In

Episode 4.14 (40)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Graham Thorburn

The personal and the professional converge for Flicker when the anti-nuclear group his son is involved in begins protesting the arrival of nuclear warships to Sydney Harbour. A woman finds herself before the court after attempting to run away to Glen Innes to get married following a whirlwind romance with a sailor. Michael faces a never-ending saga of car trouble after his old combi van is impounded and he refuses to pay the fee to retrieve it.

With: Chris Clarke as Slocum, Paul Daniel as Brad Flicker, Merridy Eastman as Sandra, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Andrew Gilbert as Highway Patrolman Bluett, Brad Haynes as Sailor No. 2, Robert Hensley as Earl Fisher, Jeff Kennedy as Driver No. 1, Susan Kennedy as Hooker No. 1, Lenka Kusak as Helga Szabo, Keith Lee as Stefan Lysenko, Les Marshall as Driver No. 2, Penelope McCue as Hooker No. 3, Nicki Miller as Hooker No. 1, Amanda Prosser as Hooker No. 4, Wayne Pygram as Bathgate, Yves Stenning as Shane Henjak, Michael Thomas as Eric, Patrick Ward as Ian 'Fredo' Frogmore


Episode 4.15 (41)
W: John Upton
D: Kevin Dobson

Michael's weekend with his children has a tragic ending when his young son goes missing and all of the signs point toward abduction. Flicker and Fulvio try to encourage Michael to reunite with his estranged wife, Joanne, but Michael fails to recognise just how much their time apart has changed her or just how badly their relationship breakdown has affected their daughter.

With: Beatrice Aston as Mrs. Gordon, Robert Brookman as Reporter No. 2, Dennis Brown as Reporter No. 3, Ric Carter as Det. Sgt. Brown, Su Cruickshank as Mrs. Hobbs, Tamasin Hardman as Melita Gordon, Norma Keshishian as Reporter No. 1, Christopher Morsley as Const. Smythe, Kate Reid as Joanne Rafferty, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Katie Rafferty, Ron Stephenson as Mr Gordon, Sharon Tamlyn as Bettina

Crispin's Day

Episode 4.16 (42)
W: Michael Cove
D: Riccardo Pellizzerri

The Bard comes into the courtroom when an elderly man reciting Shakespeare is arrested for busking without a licence. Fulvio makes a connection with a young female defendant after Flicker worries that she might be underage. A new Court Constable creates problems for Paulyne, while Michael can't hide his frustration when the department sends someone around to install a fax machine in his office.

Special Guest Appearance: Noel Ferrier as Edward Field

With: Brett Ahern as Mark Taylor, Dave Allenby as Bert Wilson, Jane Ahlquist as Policewoman [Jackie], Greg Arthur as Court Constable, Jonathan Biggins as Angus Maclean, Jon Concannon as Duty Officer, Nick Enright as Captain Lewis, John Farndale as Tom Stewart, Nana Haverslev as Jane Green, Georgina Kay as Elderly Woman, Samantha King as Y.A.C.S. Worker, Hec McMillan as Mr Abbott, Frank McNamara as George Rawlings, Anita Plateris as Karen Klein, Greg Saunders as Constable Roper, Noela Steel as Mrs Abbott

Mum's The Word

Episode 4.17 (43)
W: Dave Marsh
D: Riccardo Pellizzerri

Michael's hopes of reuniting with his estranged wife are dashed when Joanne reveals that she has come to visit to end their relationship, and then their son falls ill. Paulyne defends a woman who has been caught up in a surrogacy agreement gone wrong. Flicker's relationship with his son, Brad, becomes increasingly tense after he learns that Brad has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Fulvio tries to help his uncle find love.

Special Guest Appearance: Henri Szeps as Uncle Aniello

With: Robert Bowerman as Doctor Feeney, Ric Carter as Det Sgt Brown, Paul Daniels as Brad Flicker, Greg Ellis as Ambulance Man, Gilda Ferguson as Nurse, Steven Grives as Scott Mondale, Nina Landis as Jan Mondale, Torryh Lonsdale as Baby Jessie, Kerry Mack as Sunny Boon, Kate Reid as Joanne Rafferty, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Kate Rafferty, Esben Storm as Norm Angstrom

Brief Candles

Episode 4.18 (44)
W: Nicholas Langtom
D: Graham Thorburn

An unexpected tragedy forces Paulyne to re-evaluate her life; meanwhile she struggles to remain objective while defending a man accused of manslaughter over the death of a pedestrian. A man comes before the court accused of scamming the elderly, but Michael is certain that he recognises his face. As Fulvio has an existential crisis, Flicker begins to fear that he may be getting balder.

With: Gregg Arthur as Court Constable, John Bonney as Rev. Bernard Thorson, Gerry Duggan as Brian Donohue, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, John Kelly as Cab Driver, Kerry McKay as Michael Tilson, David McKennal as Driver, Glen Mason as Gary Mason, Dennis Miller as Ronald Harvey, May Pusey as Caitlin Donohue, Brian Rooney as Tommy, Steve Shaw as John Rule, Dinah Shearing as Vera Gray

The Deep End

Episode 4.19 (45)
W: Michael Cove
D: [not shown]

New Legal Aid solicitor Lisa Blake starts work at the courthouse; however, she soon finds herself coming into conflict with Michael when she grandstands in the courtroom, then fails to fully prepare a case in mitigation for a defendant. Michael can't help feeling uneasy after going through a health scare, while Flicker worries about his superannuation.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Katy Brinson as Lisa

With: Kris Bidenko as Nell, Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Aaron Cartwright as Duty Constable, Judy Ferris as Mrs Flicker, Ben Gabriel as George, David Nettheim as Dr Turpin, Mark Shaw as Policeman, Alister Smart as Robson, Lisa Taylor as Jones, Ashley Trotter as Haynes, Pam Weston as Joan

Note: Katy Brinson's first episode replacing Catherine Wilkin

A Matter of Circumstances

Episode 4.20 (46)
W: Sue Castrique
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Rafferty faces a judicial inquiry when a crusading journalist alleges corruption in his court. Her article details Rafferty's lenient sentence in an illegal bookmaking case on the heals of him having lunch with a mate in the horse racing field. While Fulvio plays detective to identify the writer's source within the court, Flicker tries to set things right when he finds out he is the reporter's unnamed source. Lisa and Flicker face off in court over the case of a young woman accused of stealing from her employer.©tzuk

With: Don Barker as Frederich Guilda, Deborah Coulls as Catriona Kent, Glennen Fahey as Nick Robinson, Judy Ferris as Mrs. Flicker, Michelle Pettigrove as Libby Carroll, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, Larry Turnbull as Owen Bail, Stanley Walsh as Cliff Gordon, Emily Weare as Margot Jones

Waifs and Strays

Episode 4.21 (47)
W: David Allen
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Lisa continues to have problems settling in, with her abrasive nature putting Michael offside. A group of teenage criminals are causing trouble for locals and the court, while an elderly woman is beside herself when she is told that she must get rid of some of her cats. Fulvio's family creates drama when he is left looking after his nephew during his cousin's divorce.

With: Tricia Briggs as Susie, Aaron Cartwright as Court Constable, John Donnell as Rod Croucher, Sheila Florance as Mrs Patterson, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Dan Holiday as Police Const. Stagg, Chris Harding as Tommo, Richard Healy as Bill Whelan, Madaleine Mcrae as Mrs. Jenkins, Ronald Mee Lee as Chinese Waiter, Dick Moss as Deli Owner, Ben Oxenbould as Dodger, John Paramor as Mr. Stubbs, Lois Ramsey as Miss Mitford, Violet Royal as Deli Owner's Wife, Mario Rossello as Peitro, Frank Wilson as David Morris

The Beast

Episode 4.22 (48)
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Graham Thorburn

Lisa begins to wonder whether evil does exist when she defends a sociopath. Flicker is shaken when he loses self-control at his son's birthday party and accidentally breaks a gate-crasher's arm, but things quickly go from bad to worse when he is charged with assault. Fulvio questions his pacifist principles after he and his cousin are cornered by three men and bashed late at night.

With: Stephen Amadio as Greg Sterling, Melissa Bell as Angela Griffin, Brett Cousins as Jom Brunoi, Dean Dunstone as Lout No. 2, Judy Ferris as Barbara Flicker, Bernadette Foster as Mrs. McCarthy, Robert Greenberg as Det Sgt Runsey, Mary Haire as Velma Davis, Chris Hession as Robert McDougal, Marc Hunter as Gary "Beast" Beetson, John Jamieson as Police Escort, Manny Katts as Ricky Calabrese, Nick Lathouris as Kevin Grumley, Pony Lewis as Pony, Lester Morris as Morrie Carter, Tony Partridge as Police Escort, Stan Penrose as Gatekeeper, Anna Phillips as Sally Warner, Trevor Prior as Det. Insp. Matthews, Ros Richards as Ilsa Gruner, Wayne Snall as Animal, Andrew Shepherd as Jack Rafferty, Belinda Shepherd as Katie Rafferty, Sandy Wandl as Lout No. 1


Episode 4.23 (49)
W: John Upton
D: Graham Thorburn

The entire courthouse struggles to cope when Michael is forced to decide whether a man accused of murder has a case to answer. Lisa refuses Michael's suggestion that two heads may be better than one on a big case, while Flicker can't hide his frustration when he realises that a colleague may be sacrificing him to the media. Everyone feels the impact when a man arrives at the courthouse with a gun.

With: Tim Aris as Tony Modeno, Georgia Barnes as Reporter 1, Robert Brookman as Reporter 2, Ric Carter as Det. Sgt. Ray Brown, Allan Cassell as Bill Ryan, Aaron Cartwright as Uniformed Const. 1, Juli Ann Crellin as Uniformed Const. 2, Angelo Forsi as Mr Modeno, Carmen Forsi as Mrs Modeno, Alan Lock as Uniformed Const. 3, Bob Santamaria as Mr Voldo, Anna Taranto as Mrs Valdo, Paul Williams as Joe Valdo

Those Who Can't

Episode 4.24 (50)
W: Chris Roache
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Lisa defends a young man who seems to be heading for the same life of crime as his father once did, but she refuses to believe Sgt. Ray Brown's claims that the father's intentions are anything but honourable. A school teacher stands accused of assaulting one of his students. Lisa is determined to show Fulvio's work experience girl the benefits of getting an education, while Michael is asked to give a speech at a local boys' school. Flicker's overbearing coaching causes his colleagues to abandon the court's rec volleyball team.

Special Guest Appearance: Lorraine Bayly as Gwen Foster

With: David Arnett as Theodore Bessell, Chris Bailey as Raymond Fraser, Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Jonathon Cobb as Policeman, Andre Eikmeier as Paul Vines, Aaron Ferguson as Greg Simpson, Angelica Klages as Nicole Watson, Richard Mills as Mr Lipscombe, Angela Moore as Marion Bennett, David Newman as Court Constable, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, Norman Yemm as Phil Newman; uncredited as Mark, uncredited as Graham Russell, uncredited as Zelda

Blood Relations

Episode 4.25 (51)
August 25, 1988
W: Nicholas Langton
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Michael's world is turned upside down after learning that he has a twenty-two-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Flicker and Lisa find themselves caught up in a long-running domestic struggle that should never have gotten to court. Flicker is hopeful of inheriting a fortune after being invited to the reading of his aunt's will, only to find himself trapped in a lift with a man who is certain that he recognises Flicker's face. Fulvio practices his arias for the Frangellomini family reunion.

With: Carlo Bianchino as Barman, Andrew Carlton as Chris Guest, Vickii Christie as Carol Campbell, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Sandy Gore as Helen Hawthorne, Mike Harris as Advertising Man, David Jeffs as Shane Guest, Nicholas Lidstrone as Jack Browning, Julie Nihill as Cathy Gregory, Jane Parker as Court Constable, Max Phipps as Vern O'Connor, Ken Porter as Maintenance Man, Teresa Ransom as Claire Browning, Rebecca Rigg as Rebecca Browning, Deidre Rubenstein as Peggy Guest, Jancsy Wolfe as Maitre d'

Star Quality

Episode 4.26 (52)
September 08, 1988
W: David Allen
D: Riccardo Pellizzeri

Flicker's prosecution against a young policeman who has broken the law is complicated when he begins to recognise that something even more suspicious is going on. Lisa's defence of a man accused of stealing from a video shop leads her to discover the murky world of pornographic films. Fulvio decides to film a documentary called "Rafferty's Day"; however, the reluctance of his colleagues to take part leads him to investigate other genres, with amusing results.

Special Guest Appearance: Ed Devereaux as Det. Sgt. Updike

With: Frederic Abbott as Bill Perrin, Adam Briscombe as Rick Price, Ted Bunce as Oakley, Aaron Cartwright as Court Constable, Andrew Doyle as Claythorpe, Grant Fikel as Doorman, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Paul Gillett as Sgt. Sillitoe, Mark Jones as Movie Star, Alan Lock as Const. Dawkins, Joel Markham as Hepworth, Neil Melville as Banks, Tim McCunn as Frank Perrin, Valerie Newstead as Mrs. Carter, Jacqy Phillips as Jean Perrin, Liza Taylor as Sunbaking Girl, Peta Toppano as Dana Coldrick, Bruno Schiavi as Emilio, Christopher Stollery as Steven

Private Lives

Episode 4.27 (53)
W: Michael Cove
D: Graham Thorburn

More than one life is on the line after a former children's television performer is charged with propositioning young boys for sex in the changing rooms of a local swimming pool. Lisa defends a young man who has been arrested for having sex with his thirteen year old girlfriend and who can't understand how he has committed a crime. Flicker is anxious about his upcoming medical exam.

Featuring: Peter Carroll as Percy Eliot

With: Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Jack Meyers as Constable, Jaye Paul as Walsh, Richard Penny as Journalist, Chris Tayler as Tom Stanley, Sharon Tyrell as Doctor, Patricia Vivian-Lal as Rose Long, Bryan Wiseman as David Long

You Never Can Tell

Episode 4.28 (54)
W: Tom Gooding
D: Graham Thorburn

A criminal nicknamed 'The Hairy Bandit' is causing havoc and the courthouse is feeling the impact. Michael is burgled and his apartment trashed, but he refuses to believe that his neighbour could be responsible. Fulvio falls in love with a woman named Sandra, but he soon finds himself falling afoul of her ex-boyfriend. Lisa's brother comes to stay; however, his behaviour goes from bad to worse after he falls in love with a religious girl.

With: Hayley Anderson as Female Cricketer, Queenie Ashton as Mrs Capra, Carl Beazby as Nev Niven, Marea Burton as The Hairy Bandit, Ric Carter as Ray Brown, Aaron Cartwright as Constable (Male), Lisa Crittenden as Sandra, Kylie Foster as Simone Andre, Robert Forza as John Moses, Nikki Gemmell as Jenny, Paul Goodman as Newsreader, Derryn Hinch as TV Newsreader, Nick Jones as Nathan Zimmer, Deidre Lassau as Shop Keeper, Kevin Leslie as Stanley Fowler, John Ley as Thomas Finch, Van Merkel as Leroy Perkins, Pamela Morrissey as Simone's Mother, Jane Parker as Court Constable 1, Jeffrey Rhoe as Greg, Danny Roberts as Eric Blake, Frank Violi as Frank, Ray Schriver as Roger Thrum, John Sheerin as Bill Blake, Bruno Walter as Con Papas

The Affair That Never Was

Episode 4.29 (55)
W: John Upton
D: [not shown]

Michael's divorce from Joanne officially comes through, just as former Public Solicitor Paulyne Gray reappears in his life after a six month absence. Michael is in the running for the Chief Magistrate's position, but his friendship with Paulyne, and rumours of more in the press, is compromising his reputation. Fulvio and Sandra clash after he declares that he won't be put on a ball and chain.

Starring: John Wood as Rafferty, Simon Chilvers as Flicker, Arky Michael as Fulvio, Catherine Wilkin as Paulyne, Katy Brinson as Lisa

With: Peter Browne as Wally Featherstone, Aaron Cartwright as Court Constable, Lisa Crittenden as Sandra, David Goddard as Town Clerk, Shawn Lowe as Photographer, Regina Mrowka as Reporter, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, Jason Ryder as Mohawk Youth, James Steele as David Broomhead, Sharyn Tamlyn as Bettina, Ivan Waters as Paul Catchpole

Curtains For Ringo

Episode 4.30 (56)
W: Tim Gooding
D: Graham Thorburn

Michael considers his attitudes towards both politics and rural life after his cousin comes to the city, having now been elected to Parliament and holding very different opinions to Michael. Fulvio struggles to go against his family when he decides to take the next step with Sandra. A troublesome goat causes mayhem, Paulyne worries that Lisa doesn't like her, and Flicker enjoys his new-found celebrity status after he predicts the winner of a horse race in a dream.

Special Guest Appearances: Normie Rowe as Geoff Wirrell, Henri Szeps as Uncle Aniello

With: Haley Anderson as Teenage Girl 1, Karina Andjelic as Teenage Girl 2, Gregg Arthur as Court Constable, Paul Chubb as Patrick Rafferty [uncredited], Basil Clarke as Clarrie Clarke, Colleen Clifford as Mrs Murdoch, Lisa Crittenden as Sandra, Judy Ferris as Mrs Flicker, Bernadette Foster as Mrs McCarthy, Stewart Geddes as Fisherman 1, Robyn Gurney as Mrs Frangellomini, Jenni Harbour as Celebrant, Bernadette Hughson as Celia Pardelote, John Jamieson as Policeman No. 2, Sean Kramer as Rory O'Shea, Edgar Metcalfe as Doctor Worboys, Felix Nobis as Policeman No. 1, David Ravenswood as Chief Magistrate, David Reid as Bill Wilson, John Serge as Mr Frangellomini, Ron Shand as Sid Clutten, uncredited as Larry

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