Pizza: What's Doing?


A special mockumentary-style episode which shows what the Pizza boys have been doing since they hit the big time with their last series.

New Pizza

Episode 2.1
Monday August 27, 2001

The guys do an insurance job to get a new shop; Sleek returns from a holiday in Lebanon; Pauly experiences road rage with Saddam Hussein; Claudia MacPherson takes the piss out of fitness videos; and John Mangos does the news.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Rob Shehadie as Rocky, Renee Stephens as Yolanda, John Seru, Peter Drinkwater, Daniel Lissing, et al

Politically Incorrect Pizza

Episode 2.2
September 03, 2001

Pauly and Sleek take off for a weekend at the snow and return to a Dog Day Afternoon style siege at the motor registry. Bobo searches for a new apprentice pizza chef.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Rob Shehadie as Rocky, Stuart Wagstaff as Judge, Graeme Blundell as Judge, John Hamblin as Judge, Ross Higgins as The Old Guy; Tommy Dysart and Joan Brockenshire as 50s Pizza Couple; Denise Roberts as Jackie, Jabba as The Bum, Joel Hedrick as Blind Guy, Will Nelson as Blind Kid, Narelle Jury as Helga's Body, Jen Forbes as Helga's Voice, David Gubbay as The RTA Nut, Diana Glenn as Jenny; Jo Pennicott, Monica Brian & Rebecca Hartley as The Hens, Jim Webb as Sam The Fat Guy, Sam King as Tattoo Chick, John Haas as Investigator, Scott Lawler as Negotiator, et al

Sexy Pizza

Episode 2.3
September 10, 2001

Pauly thinks he is on a mystery flight to Surfers, but ends up in Vietnam. Bobo buys toxic cheese from Russia and Sleek, who thinks he's gay, delivers to the Mardi Gras.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Tania Zaetta as Zane, Rob Shehadie as Rocky, Big Kev as Aussie Yobbo, Lorraine Bailey as The Fairy, Greg Evans as Dating Show Host, Ian Kiernan as Himself, Tony Barber as Rupert Packer, Su Cruickshank as Fantastiffy, Anh Do as Karaoke Boss, Andrew Dickinson as Air Steward, Libeth Kennelly as Journo, Danielle Colley as TV Assist., Michelle Martin as Pam, Steve Jennings as Pink Speedos, Milly Potts as Mama's Friend, Roslyn Oades as Cashier, Waseem Kahn as Cashier, Lisa Kennedy as Air Hostess, Shani Moffatt as Air Hostess, et al

Millionaire Pizza

Episode 2.4
September 17, 2001

Sleek stars in a Survivor-style reality program with six beautiful models. Pauly encounters legal troubles after a run-in with boxer Mike Titan and seeks a solution via a road rage incident with Anthony Mundine. Bobo gets a new apprentice who is subjected to "apprentice abuse".

Guest stars: Rob Shehadie as Rocky, Lochie Daddo as Eddie Galah, Tony Barber as Rupert Packer, Fiona Horne as Survivor Host, Pip Mushin as Camera Guy, Linden Goh as Apprentice [Lachlan], Anthony Mundine as The Man; Amy Erbacher, Salina Muller, Tessa Williams, Natasha Zuvela as The Models; Skye Kelly as Tina, Rumplestiltskin as The Jester, Wayne McDaniels as Mike Titan, Peng Wong as Linxiang, Glen McDonald as Masseur, Henry Hall as Sound Guy, The Mowads Boys as Mechanics, Danielle Colley as TV Assist.; Wendy Harmer & Peter Moon as Morning Crew; Gavin Clarke, Alex Renwick as Debt Collectors; Michael Hodge, Anish Naidu as Security; John Shalala as Show Owner; Tim Priske, Jason White as Shop Robbers; Ashur, Big & Little Buddy, David, Anthony as The Lebs; Milly Potts as Mama's Friend

Melbourne Pizza

Episode 2.5
September 24, 2001

When the Tax Department closes Bobo's shop for a $1 million GST debt, he blows up the Tax Office in an Oklahoma-style bombing. Pauly and Sleek take a road trip to Melbourne.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Nick Giannopoulos as Cabbie, Bernard King as Kenneth, Paul Capsis as Quilty, Tottie Goldsmith as Kinky, Costas Killias as Wrestler, Su Cruickshank as Operator, Bev Killick as Pauline Danson, Simon Hill as Prince Charles, Kirsta Vendy as Secretary, Andrew Kirk as Eddie Moral, Kelly Maloney as Cute Redhead, Guenardi Dubinski as Yuri, Slava Orel as Pavel, Kate Randall as Crying lady, David Gubbay as Mr Broke, Chris Isgro as Tax Stooge, et al

Flashback Pizza

Episode 2.6
October 01, 2001

Bobo visits a shrink because of mental problems brought on by the shop. Pauly wants to become an actor and quit working. Sleek applies for a loan to kick-start his rap career.

Guest stars: Tania Zaetta as Zane, Tim Shaw as himself, Kym Gyngell as Bank Manager, Jean Kittson as Psychiatrist, Mario Fenech as Uncle Shiba, Bessie Bardot as Shiba's Wife, Stephanie Jacobsen as Selina, David Rochford as Axl; Murray Harmon, Diana Glenn as The Cops; Rob Shehadie as Rocky, et al

Freaky Pizza

Episode 2.7
October 08, 2001

Pauly's nephew is possessed by the Devil. Sleek is kidnapped and has his kidneys stolen for Claudia MacPherson's transplant. It's a full moon and this causes drama for Bobo.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Mario Fenech as Shiba, Bessie Bardot as Shiba's Wife, Shane Porteous as The Doctor, Machine Gun Fellatio as The Satanists, Chris Frankiln as The Theif, Carl Barron as The Junkie, Vince Sorrenti as Monk, Antonia Ungaro as Monk, Benita Collings as Wowser Lady; Lucy Wirth, BJ Davis, Shane Belgre as The Kid; Gary Smith as Tom, George Kowalin as Fat Guy, Jim Webb as Fat Guy, Jacqueline Millane as Shazza, Miyoba Gething as Kofi Annan, Marcello Ricalde as Dodgy Doctor, Alfredo Mauriera as Dodgy Doctor, Karen Pang as Candy, Sherly Sulaiman as Mandy, Andrew Doyle as Ronny McDonny, Kath Gordon as The Nurse

Girlfriend Pizza

Episode 2.8
October 15, 2001

The Pizza guys have girlfriend problems — Sleek falls in love; Pauly takes a date to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; and Bobo meets a disabled woman on the internet and takes her to dinner.

Guest stars: Skye Kelly as Tina, Briar Hawkins as Dina, Roslyn Oades as Sammy, Richard Carter as Dad Stanko, Denise Roberts as Mum Stanko, Dave McCormack as Spruiker, Pamela Drysdale as Sally Wheels, Michael Zarakis as Antonio Wheels, Alex Tomic as Waiter, Waseem Kahn as Cabbie, Jo June as Cabbie #2, Adam Rosenberg as Ahmed, Robbie McGreggor as Announcer, Jacqueline Millane as Shazza; June Jones, Effie Michaels, Wendi Carroll, Kelly Malinovich as Aerobics Girls; Murray Harmon, Diana Glenn, Mick Rudder, Andrew Crowley, Damian Wade, David McAninly, Daniel Lissing, Jason White as The Cops; Angela Perry, Christina Da Silva as The Dancers


Episode 2.9
October 22, 2001

It's ANZAC Day and Pauly marches for his grandfather who served in Gallipoli. The Prime Minister is assassinated over the GST. Sleek turns a B&S ball into a rave and his Lebanese friends sells drugs to the bumpkins.

Guest stars: John Mangos as Newreader, Tania Zaetta as Zane, Angry Anderson, Ross Higgins as Vietnam Vet, Bob Ellis as Bob Howard, Rob Shehadie as Rocky, John Orcsik as Agent Sam, Gerard Kennedy as Agent Dave, Robbie McGregor as AFI Guy, et al

Desert Pizza

Episode 2.10
October 29, 2001

Pauly and Sleek get marooned on a South Sea island when a fishing trip goes wrong. Bobo hires escapees from an immigration detention centre to replace Sleek and Pauly, one of whom is an infamous Bosnian war criminal.

Guest stars: Tania Zaetta as Zane, John Mangos as Newreader, Rob Shehadie as Rocky, George Kapiniaris, Tony Nikolakopoulos, et al