Dangerous Pizza

Episode 1.1

The first episode introduces our main characters. Pauly (Paul Fenech) a veteran pizza deliverer, Sleek the Elite (Paul Nakad), a first timer, who wants to be a rap star outside of his new pizza career, Bobo Gigliotti (Johnny Boxer), the sexually frustrated owner of the Fat Pizza pizzeria (Bobo at forty still lives at home with mama Gigliotti, played by Maria Venuti). Claudia Macpherson (Annalise Braakensiek) is a supermodel who also apears in this episode in a take off on supermodels and celebrity.

The episode sees Pauly warn Sleek about the dangers of pizza delivery: "mate it's the second most dangerous job in the western world, in the third world they don't even have pizza delivery its that dangerous". Sleek and Pauly encounter SWAT teams, pyscho customers, celebrity orgies, home invasions and even alien life. As pauly says "pizza delivery — it's a dangerous buisness".

Politician Bob Ellis plays the corrupt premier. Gay icon Lance Leopard plays Kinko the orgy organiser, and KISS and a band of travelling Elvises fight to the death.

Space Pizza

Episode 1.2

Pauly finds himself left for dead in the desert as a result of the previous episodes alien abduction. Sleek is lost in the corridors of SBS on his way to a delivery and Bobo hires a replacement for Pauly — Dougie the pizza boy (Nathan Harvey).

Dougie, a former actor and star of TV comercials who has been in prison for drugs charges, is on work release when Bobo hires him. Unfortunately for Dougie he meets a gruesome end at the hands of serial killer Clarence Bumpkin (Barry Crocker). Pauly is lost in the desert and is attacked by snakes, bumpkins and the supermodel on a desert shoot.

Vulcan plays the supermodel's bodygaurd, Margaret Pomeranz plays herself, Barry Crocker who plays twin serial killers. Comedian Anthony Ackroyd plays a paranoid window wiper, Maria Venuti plays mama Gigliotti and our supermodel Annalise Braakensiek makes another appearance.

Film Pizza

Episode 1.3

The new James Bond film is being made at some movie studios near the Fat Pizza pizzeria. Supermodel Claudia MacPherson is cast in the film much to the dismay of co-star Brad Pitts.

Sleek is injured in a delivery to a wrestling ring and spends the episode chasing a good compo lawyer as well as trying to deliver a pizza to an elusive Bobby DeNiro who is in Australia for the new film.

Bobo chainsaws a runaway kangaroo for salami and Pauly has a run in with petrol station owner Kamahl over a difference of opnion concerning the dangers of mobile phones.

Dean Uthoff (Sydney kings) plays a secretive government agent dressed in black. Dr. Karl Kruselniki plays a scientist at a special nose picking research centre. Lawyer Chris Murphy plays a celebrity lawyer, Lex Marinos plays a sleazy compo lawyer, Donna Gubbay plays an TV entertainment show host and Jon English plays a hack actor making a patronising TV commercial for a pizza mix company.

Also: Murray Iredale, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Chris Murphy, Gerry Sont, John Mangos, James O'loughlin, Dean Uthoff, Mark Lazarus, Craig Field, Kevin Copeland, et al

Crime Pizza

Episode 1.4

The premier of NSW (Bob Ellis) passes a new homeboy law allowing police to detain and search anyone in a baseball hat or tracksuit. Unfortunately for the workers at the Fat Pizza pizzeria their uniforms consist of tracksuits and baseball caps. Pauly is arrested in a case of mistaken identity by two hopeless detectives (Richard Carter and Bill Hunter). A disgruntled customer hires a hitman (Nick Barker) to kill Pauly because of a mix up on a pizza delivery.

Even though its Sleeks birthday he is beaten Rodney King style by the whole police force. Claudia MacPherson has been videoed having sex with her boyfriend and the video is being broadcast on the internet and mama Gigliotti is under attack by some middleclass homeboys (Jabba channel V and Dave McCormack from Custard). The episode is narrated by Ian Turpie doing his version of Australian Most Wanted.

Tania Koeberl (Baywatch) plays a female cop and Ada Nicodomou (Heartbreak High) plays her partner. Callan Mulvey (Heartbreak High) plays a middle class homey and sporting legend Laurie Nichols plays a street vigilante.

Also: John Mangos, Justine Ford, Mark Jago, Cade Whitbourn, Michael Saker, Dangermouse, Mark Gerber, Tanya Mustapic, Mark Lee, Jarrod Rowett, Jabba, David Mccormack, Alex Sideratos, Michael Zarakis, Pauline Gardner, et al

Crazy Pizza

Episode 1.5

Bobo closes the shop early and gets ready to date a sexy somebody he met on the Internet.

Sleek and Pauly have a night on the town. As usual not all is well in the land of fat pizza.

The mother of all road rages ensues, bouncers, midgets, plane crashes and dead bodies turn the night upside down. The show's finale is very Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

Also: Rob Carlton, Mark Gerber, Steven Peroulis, Pan Trebelas, Renzo Bellato, June Townsend, Heidi Reisner, Michael Hodge, Dave Koracas, Geoff Bernasconi, et al

Love Pizza

Episode 1.6

Supermedial Claudia a MacPherson is getting married to actor Roger Connery — the new Bond film star. Paully joins the Army reserves (thinking he'll meet girls). Bobo falls in love with Angelina, Pauly's replacement. Sleek tries out a new deodorant that leaves such an attractive scent he ends up in tight squeezes with drag queens, crazy chefs, a porn star and a rock band called Marilyn's Regurgitators.

Gary Sweet plays a whacked out Vietnam vet army commander. Jay from band Frenzal Rhomb plays Wank, a nasty band member of Marilyn Regurgitators. Austen Tayshus plays a comedian trying to entertain and MC at Claudia's wedding and Tony Bonner plays a murderous SAS commander.

Also: Tania Zaetta as Zane, Imogen Annesley as Angelina, Shane Porteous, Indira Naidoo, Stephen Fennelly, Mark Gerber, Laurie Nichols, Damien De Montemas, Russell Garbutt, Mark Jago, et al

Road Trip Pizza

Episode 1.7

Bobo is shot in the testicles by a disgruntled former worker (Michael Veitch).

While he is in hospital Pauly and Sleek decide to make a road trip from Sydney to Surfers Paradise so they can party it up. During the trip we learn about all the amazing things Pauly did before his career in pizzas — he saved the Pope's life, was a champion Iron Man and surfer, "but I had to give it up because of that hole in the ozone". Pauly also started the kids performing group the Wigglys. Bobo mean while is given some bionics by a specialist doctor Shane Porteous (A Country Practice) to solve his groin problem.

The trip to Surfers shows us what our pizza guys are like when there not working, and just like a supreme pizza for Paully, Sleek, and Bobo its big and it's cheesy.

Tania Zaetta plays a wannabe celebrity who has been in a porn film with Sleek. Iron Man champ Trevor Hendy plays Pauly's old buddy. Boxer Joe Bugner plays a crazy barman in Surfers Paradise and look out for a surprise appearance by a band that looks almost certainly like the Village People.

Also: Sonny Felman, Kieren Revell, Joe Brett Gale, Sasha Hawley, Amber Higlett, Chris Quigley, T'mara Buckmaster, Jack Levi, Michael Saker, Shane Porteous, Nick Hardcastle, Callan Mulvey, Jabba, Clem Hall, et al

Snowy Pizza

Episode 1.8

Its Australia Day at the Fat Pizza pizzeria. Sleek is exhausted after winning a rap marathon and dreams himself into colonial times. Although in his dreams colonial Australia keeps turning into a rap video clip with sexy female dancers at every corner. He becomes the Man from Snowy Pizza. Bobo is furious at a TV chef, Chef Bernard (Bernard King) for a bad review on his pizzas and he wants revenge. Claudia MacPherson hires a personal trainer because she is told she is fat and Pauly ends up giving a heart attack victim mouth-to-mouth with a vacuum cleaner.

Andrew Mercado from Channel V plays Claudia's personal trainer. Vulcan is Claudia's bodyguard. Shane Porteous puts all the injured back into shape during the episode.

Also: Donna Gubbay, Jean Hadgraft, Korkoi Armah, Charlie Villas, Kay Armstrong, Lee Kernaghan, Gabrielle Gate, Tonny Mott, John Seru, Mark Black, Kath Gordon, et al

Gambling Pizza

Episode 1.9

Bobo loses his shop gambling to the mafia. Pauly and Sleek unknowingly start delivering illicit goods through the pizza boxes. Supermodel Claudia is desperately chasing a magic slimming drug and we reunite the cast of Prisoner.

In this final episode we close the show with a shoot out that includes the Italian mafia the Asian triads a KISS cover band a SWAT team and the cast of Prisoner. Crime corruption and cover bands make this an explosive end to the sitcom salvation that is pizza.

Also: Tania Zaetta, Richard Carter, Bill Hunter, Paula Duncan, Val Lehman, Rowena Wallace, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Antonio Ungaro, Mario Gamma, et al