Under The Vines: episode guide

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Episode 1

Acorn TV: Monday, December 06, 2021
NZ: Wed, January 19, 2022 (TV1)
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Erin White

As mutual soul heirs, Daisy and Louis quickly realize that inheriting a vineyard may not be the delightful and rewarding experience they had hoped for.

When Sydney socialite Daisy Munroe and London lawyer Louis Oakley jointly inherit a New Zealand vineyard, they discover that they are not the "sole heirs" as they believed and that the vineyard itself is a dilapidated money pit. The disenchanted pair plan to sell the estate to influential locals, but after a surprise at a wine show, they wonder if the vineyard may not be worthless after all.


  • Rebecca Gibney as Daisy
  • Charles Edwards as Louis
  • Trae Te Wiki as Tippy
  • Simon Mead as Gus
  • Dean O'Gorman as Griff
  • Cohen Holloway as Vic
  • Carrie Green as Nic
  • Catherine Wilkin as Hilary
  • Sara Wiseman as Simone
  • John Bach as Don
  • Sarah Peirse as Marissa
  • Lotima Pome'e as Rowan
  • Gina Laverty as Paige
  • Sam Gardner as Julian
  • Janine Burchett as Doctor Landau
  • Katherine Kennard as Fiona
  • Theresa Healey as Zara
  • Kat Browne as Jonty
  • Lynette Forday as Petra
  • Ben Van Lier as Xavier
  • Mark Neilson as Constable Richard Fleming
  • Susannah Kenton as Wine Judge