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Episode 3

Acorn TV: Monday, December 13, 2021
NZ: Wed, February 02, 2022 (TV1)
Written by Erin White
Directed by Danny Mulheron

The Oakley gang begin preparations for the Behind the Vines Showcase, while Louis attempts to repair his marriage.

Louis's reunion with his family is underwhelming, while at Oakley, Daisy informs Gus and Tippy of her plans to have the vineyard represented in the Behind the Vines showcase, to mixed response. Tippy struggles with confidence while Gus's inability to master the art of the haggle leads Daisy to a negotiation with the attractive Ben, only to discover she may be flirting with the enemy.


  • Rebecca Gibney as Daisy
  • Charles Edwards as Louis
  • Trae Te Wiki as Tippy
  • Simon Mead as Gus
  • Cohen Holloway as Vic
  • Carrie Green as Nic
  • Catherine Wilkin as Hilary
  • Sara Wiseman as Simone
  • John Bach as Don
  • Sarah Peirse as Marissa
  • Matt Whelan as Ben
  • Lotima Pome'e as Rowan
  • Gina Laverty as Paige
  • Sam Gardner as Julian
  • Geraldine Brophy as Morag