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Control Theory

Episode 3
Thu, February 23, 2017
509,000 viewers (16th)
Written by Elizabeth Packett
Directed by Jennifer Perrott

Josephine and Lewis inherit a murder trial where all the evidence points to their client being guilty, while Johnny and Skye are reluctantly thrown together to help defend Skye's father from an assault charge involving a decimated rose bush.

Josephine and Lewis have little time to prepare for a murder trial in which their client, Lana, is accused of brutally assaulting her personal trainer with her own distinctive pink dumbbell. Downstairs, Johnny is lamenting the lack of paying clients when Skye Stewart returns to Chatterjees, asking them to defend her father, Frank, against an assault charge. Johnny and Skye team up to visit Frank's retirement village to try and persuade a reluctant eyewitness to talk. Despite the lack of evidence, Skye's Dad is determined to go to court and thrash it out, but the notion of walking into a courtroom terrifies Helena. Josephine encourages her to make her courtroom debut, but Helena secretly enlists the help of Josephine's upstairs colleague Craig.

As Josephine and Lewis unearth new evidence during their murder trial, the pair grapple with a surprising realisation of their own — in their university days, Lewis was ready to commit to Josephine, but a misunderstanding made them go their separate ways — prompting them to recalibrate their relationship.


  • Claudia Karvan as Josephine Newton
  • Toby Schmitz as Lewis Hughes
  • Georgina Naidu as Helena Chatterjee
  • Sean Keenan as Johnny Allbright
  • Miranda Tapsell as Skye Stewart
  • Andrew McFarlane as Eric Whitley
  • Jane Hall as Jackie Russo
  • Will Ewing as Craig Allen
  • Makwaya Musudi as Zareb Mulumba
  • Ella Scott-Lynch as Lana Devries
  • Matthew Theodorou as Dylan Norris
  • Maia Thomas as Madison Norris
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Andrew Devries
  • Ernie Dingo as Frank Stewart
  • Eamonn Hudgson as Gym Guy
  • Neil Melville as Justice Elvin
  • John Lloyd Fillingham as Mario Morelli
  • Gregory Caine as The Manager
  • Janet Foye as Beverly
  • Marta Kaczmarek as Zora Lazarenko
  • Maria Theodorakis as Magistrate Lee Donaldson
  • Damien Vosk as Ryan Watkins