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The Uncertainty Principle

Episode 6
Thu, March 16, 2017
484,000 viewers (14th)
Written by Chris Corbett
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Josephine's high-profile asylum seeker kidnapping case is further complicated when Callum intervenes, landing Josephine's witness, and himself, in hot water.

Martha Payne, a feisty ex-client of Josephine's stands accused of smuggling a young asylum seeker, Nassim, out of a local hospital. Fearful of legal and professional ramifications, the girl's doctor initially refuses to give testimony but Josephine's assurances prevail and he lets loose a scathing indictment of Government policy.

When Callum learns about the case, he's keen to impress Josephine. Prompted by Lydia's enthusiasm, he reprises a long forgotten protest strategy with spectacular results. As a bureaucratic nightmare unfolds, Josephine's doctor is embroiled and Callum finds himself needing legal representation.

As Josephine deals with the unhappy doctor and tracking down Nassim, Lewis shows off his lower-level legal skills by defending Callum. However, Lewis' self-assurance in court is soon tempered when he discovers a development between Callum and Josephine.


  • Claudia Karvan as Josephine Newton
  • Toby Schmitz as Lewis Hughes
  • Brett Tucker as Callum Docker
  • Georgina Naidu as Helena Chatterjee
  • Sean Keenan as Johnny Allbright
  • Miranda Tapsell as Skye Stewart
  • Andrew McFarlane as Eric Whitley
  • Jane Hall as Jackie Russo
  • Ming-Zhu Hii as Claire Zhang
  • Will Ewing as Craig Allen
  • Ella Newton as Lydia Newton-Docker
  • Makwaya Musudi as Zareb Mulumba
  • Lynette Curran as Martha Payne
  • Alisha Fakhri as Nassim Zari
  • Nicole Nabout as Minister Amira Basara
  • Jennifer B Ashley as Journo
  • Lawrence Leung as Dr Jarrod Renfree
  • Emily Goddard as Vivien Westall
  • Brian Lipson as Judge Robert Meldrum
  • Tim Potter as Max Lawrence
  • Naomi Rukavina as Avery Walipi
  • Carmelina Di Guglielmo as Allison Meikle
  • Richard Bligh as Magistrate 'The Lyncher' Gorman