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Uniform Motion

Episode 4
Thu, March 02, 2017
455,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Elizabeth Coleman
Additional writer: Hilary Bonney
Directed by Jennifer Perrott

Josephine worries she's crossed over to the dark side when representing a furniture conglomerate, but manages to assist the underdog in a downstairs case.

Josephine and Lewis defend Vårt Hem, a powerful homewares franchise, against a struggling couple seeking damages after an instore stampede. Much more interested in the underdogs downstairs and worried about the viability of Chatterjees, Josephine urges Helena to handle a case for the office cleaner, Zareb (Makwaya Masudi). He has been charged with resisting arrest during an apparent "affray".

Under scrutiny from Sergeant Malouf, Helena manages to antagonize him and the charges against Zareb are increased from resisting arrest to assault. To make matters worse, Helena's last remaining shred of self-confidence dissolves when an unexpected face appears outside court, leading to a panic attack.

Feverishly multitasking, Josephine encourages Helena to confront her demons before dragging a bewildered Lewis to the market halls of Vårt Hem where she uncovers a timely clue for her case and client. Josephine's impressive juggling feat is rewarded when she discovers that the flat packed office furniture she bought from Vårt Hem has been assembled by a most unexpected hand.


  • Claudia Karvan as Josephine Newton
  • Toby Schmitz as Lewis Hughes
  • Georgina Naidu as Helena Chatterjee
  • Sean Keenan as Johnny Allbright
  • Miranda Tapsell as Skye Stewart
  • Andrew McFarlane as Eric Whitley
  • Jane Hall as Jackie Russo
  • Grant Piro as Sgt. Robert Malouf
  • Will Ewing as Craig Allen
  • Ella Newton as Lydia Newton-Docker
  • Makwaya Musudi as Zareb Mulumba
  • Chudier Gatwech as Clinton Garang
  • Russell Frost as Detective Joshua Bryant
  • Blessing Mokgohloa as Jean-Paul Deng
  • Andrew Blackman as Lars Svensson
  • Michael Carman as Hugo Spencer
  • Katherine Hicks as Tracey Dingwell
  • Rachael Maza as Judge Pauline Evans
  • Joshua Lin Hodge as Todd Dingwell
  • Dinesh Mathew as Ravi Sharma
  • Josephine Keen as Cathy Boseley
  • Jim Daly as Pete Boseley
  • Richard Bligh as Magistrate "The Lyncher" Gorman
  • Maria Coviello as Court Volunteer