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Terminal Velocity

Episode 7
Thu, March 23, 2017
412,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Ellie Beaumont
Additional writer: Sue Hore
Directed by Jennifer Leacey

As Josephine unexpectedly reunites with a former client, Lewis' defence of a privileged thief unearths a troubling link between the boy and her sister, Rose.

Josephine is stunned when Nikos — the pyromaniac who allegedly set Newton's Legal alight — begs for her representation, swearing that he is innocent of the crime. Clearly conflicted, she corrals Claire into representing him but struggles to take a backseat and continues to influence it via Helena. Upstairs, Lewis defends his wealthy friend's son, Harry, on a burglary charge after trying to flee a house with a bag full of designer sneakers. Despite his policy about not getting too close to clients, Lewis does his best to help Harry, a recovering drug addict but his generosity is put to the test and things rapidly escalate to breaking point.

When Josephine discovers that Harry's rehab medication is the same type her sister Rose was taking, and they both suffered the same side effects, something twigs. Convinced the medication is somehow linked to the attack on Newton's Legal, Josephine keeps digging to confirm her dark suspicions.


  • Claudia Karvan as Josephine Newton
  • Toby Schmitz as Lewis Hughes
  • Brett Tucker as Callum Docker
  • Georgina Naidu as Helena Chatterjee
  • Sean Keenan as Johnny Allbright
  • Miranda Tapsell as Skye Stewart
  • Andrew McFarlane as Eric Whitley
  • Jane Hall as Jackie Russo
  • Grant Piro as Sgt. Robert Malouf
  • Freya Stafford as Rose Newton
  • Ming-Zhu Hii as Claire Zhang
  • Will Ewing as Craig Allen
  • Ella Newton as Lydia Newton-Docker
  • Makwaya Musudi as Zareb Mulumba
  • Christian Byers as Harry Sutton
  • Troy Davis as Trevor
  • Jason Agius as Nikos Aristides
  • Maria Theodorakis as Magistrate Lee Donaldson
  • Simon Maiden as Alan Edgeworth
  • Jason Kos as James Norton
  • Davini Malcolm as James' Mother
  • Hunter Perske as James' Father
  • Vuyo Loko as Ben Matteo
  • Kay Keighery as Patty