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Non Sum Qualis Eram

Episode 1.05
Fri, April 06, 2018 (8:30, ABC)
462,000 viewers (12th)
Story by Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh McGrath
Written by Stephen M. Irwin
Directed by Tony Krawitz

Fern sells party drugs at a devil-themed party, in order to pay off Callan's debt to a drug dealer. But it's a bad batch; one young woman's hallucinations are so potent that she throws herself off the balcony to her death. At the same time, another young woman, Xantia, is murdered in an inner-city parkland. The two deaths will prove to be connected in an unexpected way.

Harrow attends the rave scene with Dass and conducts an on-the-spot internal autopsy of the woman who fell to her death. It's unauthorised, but if he can find traces of the contaminated drugs, it may save another young woman who took the drugs and is now in hospital in a critical condition. But he comes up short.

Meanwhile, Harrow's car is identified amongst the social media uploads from the party; Fern had 'borrowed' it. Detective Jillian McCloud, from the drug squad — who has a long-held grudge against Harrow — flags Fern as a suspect.

Harrow finds a brief respite from his parental anxiety when Dass visits him on his houseboat.

Meanwhile, fortune seems to smile on Harrow when Pavich orders the river bones be cremated. It's his chance to break the chain of evidence and put the case behind him. But a new analysis from Fairley prompts Dass to recalibrate the time-of-death window on their John Doe to within the last twelve months.


  • Ioan Gruffudd as Dr Daniel Harrow
  • Mirrah Foulkes as Sgt Soroya Dass
  • Remy Hii as Simon Van Reyk
  • Anna Lise Phillips as Stephanie Tolson
  • Darren Gilshenan as Dr. Lyle Fairley
  • Damien Garvey as Bryan Nichols
  • Ella Newton as Fern Harrow
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Callan Prowd
  • Robyn Malcolm as Maxine Pavich
  • Uli Latukefu as Jesse Walsh
  • Richard Green as Lindsay
  • Tasneem Roc as Jill McCloud
  • Ilai Swindells as Billie Radbourne
  • Kate Boladian as Grace Mulgrew
  • Candice Hill as Xantia Couttas
  • Andrew Buchanan as Inspector Kiriakos
  • Shearah-Rose Spears as Hannah
  • Nicholas Brown as Dr. Peter Sharma
  • Emma Skelton as Detective
  • Michael Balk as Constable
  • Cantona Stewart as Young Man at Party
  • Janelle Bailey as Mrs. Mulgrew
  • Jeremy Kesby as Mr. Mulgrew
  • Susana Faifai as Duty/Desk Sergeant
  • Nicole Farrelly as Parking Officer
  • Kyle McCallion as Lab Tech
  • Aaron Rae as Paramedic
  • Caleb Stanley as Council Worker
  • Mick Van Moorsel as Truck Driver
  • Josh Elkington as Stunt Double
  • Angie Adler as Stunt Double