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Ex Animo

Episode 1.02
Fri, March 16, 2018 (8:30, ABC)
561,000 viewers (6th)
Story by Stephen M. Irwin, Leigh McGrath
Written by Stephen M. Irwin
Directed by Peter Salmon

Simon is keen to get to work identifying the bones found encased in concrete in the river. Harrow — responsible for putting the bones there in the first place — takes the 'slow and steady' approach to stall him.

Then a new case arrives. A woman has been found in a quarry, brutally murdered, a large cavity carved in her chest. Her car is found parked close by; she was a rideshare driver. Police arrest the last passenger, but he claims he's innocent.

Conducting the autopsy, Harrow discovers a tiny splinter of wood lodged in the victim's heart, which is found to be European Ash — used to make arrow shafts.

Meanwhile, Simon is busily at work on the river bones case, confident he'll soon have a viable sample for DNA analysis. This prompts Harrow to visit Jack Twine, his mentor, friend, and confessor. Harrow asks Jack if he was ever tempted to falsify evidence. While at Jack's, he forms a theory that the quarry victim was shot by a crossbow.

Dass asks Harrow out for a drink. Harrow reluctantly declines; Simon has successfully sampled a bone from the concrete block, now awaiting an analysis that Harrow dearly wants to prevent.


  • Ioan Gruffudd as Dr Daniel Harrow
  • Mirrah Foulkes as Sgt Soroya Dass
  • Remy Hii as Simon Van Reyk
  • Anna Lise Phillips as Stephanie Tolson
  • Darren Gilshenan as Dr. Lyle Fairley
  • Damien Garvey as Bryan Nichols
  • Ella Newton as Fern Harrow
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Callan Prowd
  • Robyn Malcolm as Maxine Pavich
  • Tony Barry as Jack Twine
  • Megan Smart as Charlotte
  • Patrick Cullen as Blake Poyner
  • Niki-J Price as Phillipa Wedburg
  • Leon Cain as Lufton
  • Dorian Nkona as Lewison
  • Piera Forde as Anna
  • Samantha MacGillivray as Caterina Wedburg
  • Hanako Yates as Girl #1
  • Kiara Freeman as Girl #2
  • Meg Woods as Girl #3
  • Matthew Filkins as Darren Clark
  • Laura Keneally as Medical School Dean [Carol]
  • John Tiplady as Hovard
  • Aston Crabtree as Stunt Double
  • Damien Bryson as Stunt Double
  • Shea Adams as Stunt Double
  • Corey Creed as Stunt Double
  • Mick Corrigan as Stunt Double
  • Jimmy Christiansen as Stunt Double
  • Neil Stoddart as Stunt Double
  • Scott George as Stunt Double
  • Jace Lee as Stunt Double