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Hic Sunt Dracones

Episode 1.03
Fri, March 23, 2018 (8:30, ABC)
Written by
Directed by Peter Salmon

A human arm, recovered from a crocodile's stomach, is sent to Harrow for analysis. Harrow's theory is that the male victim was murdered and already dead when eaten by the croc. Pavich sends Harrow north to investigate, much to his displeasure. On the plus side, Dass accompanies him.

Harrow and Dass set to work, braving dangerous waters to explore the deceased croc's meat safe, where they discover the rest of the corpse. No locals are missing, which suggests the victim was an out-of-towner. They cross-reference the croc's movements, recorded by a GPS tracker, with various boats that have come into the marina.

Harrow and Dass, aided by the handsome local sergeant, Gabriel Capello, begin investigating three suspicious boats.

Capello invites Harrow and Dass to his niece's birthday party, where their attraction grows stronger. But, they have work to do.

Justice is also creeping up on Harrow. Simon has been busy on the river bones case, successfully extracting a titanium orthopaedic plate from a wrist bone. The plate contains a unique serial number that will almost certainly I.D. the victim — and will lead straight to Harrow. His time is running out.