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Aurum Potestas Est

Episode 1.06 (8:30, ABC)
Fri, April 13, 2018
Written by
Directed by Tony Tilse

The body of a young woman, Lotte Bentsen, is found beside a train track, dismembered. It looks like suicide. But Harrow theorises she may have been dead when the train hit her; she has lost a lot of blood, but there is very little blood at the scene. So if she was dead when she was laid on the tracks, where did she die? And who moved her?

A nightclub stamp, and traces of high-end moisturiser, eventually lead Harrow and the police to the penthouse suite of an exclusive hotel. But the room has been cleaned, and the hotel is not releasing any details of its clients. The hotel's cameras reveal that Bentsen entered the hotel with a young man and neither of them ever emerged.

Meanwhile, the river bones are returned to QIFM, much to Harrow's dismay. He is further troubled when Dass begins questioning him about Robert Quinn. Harrow fears Dass is getting closer to the truth.

The body of Bentsen's companion, Janik Hartmann is found at a local beat. His time of death is similar to Bentsen's, making it unlikely that he was the killer. Harrow examines Hartman's body and discovers how he died.

Government pressure is brought to bear on both the police investigation and the forensic process.

Harrow's personal troubles also take a turn for the worse. As Dass and Harrow pursue their passionate affair, Dass's determined investigation unearths a major clue.