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Scream the Impossible Scream

Episode 5.05 (45)
Australia: Wed, May 26, 2021
390,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Mithila Gupta
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Hugh is forced to choose sides when Meryl plots to destroy Sharna's career; Ken reveals a dark secret when his parents visit Whyhope; Hayley has a crisis of faith when she breaks all ten commandments in one day.

Michael digs up some dirt on Sharna, looking to discredit her evidence in court, but lines of loyalty are tested as Hugh finds himself falling deeper for his mother’s accuser and Hayley tells Ajax something that will shatter his world


  • Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight
  • Nicole da Silva as Charlie
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Matt Castley as Ajax
  • Charles Wu as Ken
  • Chantelle Jamieson as Sharna


  • Contessa Treffone as Melody
  • Warren Lee as Howin
  • Gabrielle Chan as Jing
  • John Waters as Michael
  • Bradley Anderson as Jimmy
  • Jay Laga'aia as Graeme
  • Ioane Saula as Brody
  • Georgia & Poppy Corlett as Baby Eliza
  • Emma Joseph as Baby Eliza
  • Oriana Panozzo as Shopkeeper
  • Lincoln Younes as Tom
  • Jake Bennett as Tom Riding Double
  • Jimmy Davis as Tom Riding Double


  • "Going Up The Country" recorded by Sonar Music, vocals by Patience Hodgson
  • "Homemade" performed by Death By Denim