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Hugh Am I?

Episode 4.01 (31)
UK: Sat, November 16, 2019 (Drama, 10pm)
USA: Mon, December 09, 2019 (Acorn)
Australia: February 05, 2020 (Nine)
532,000 viewers (13th)
Produced by Ian Collie, Ally Henville, Keith Thompson, Rodger Corser
Written by Keith Thompson
Directed by Geoff Bennett

Dr Hugh Knight is back with a vengeance along with his marvellously dysfunctional family. After serving out his probation in Whyhope and saving the family farm, Hugh faces the fight of his life — for love, career and family. Will Whyhope’s naughtiest doctor have the right stuff, or will he self-destruct and lose everything?

As Hugh's daughter, Eliza, turns one and his cardiac clinic is about to be upgraded by a wealthy sponsor, Hugh is distracted by the arrival of Tara, a beautiful doctor with her own dubious past.

Charlie suddenly returns to Whyhope, making things awkward between Matt and April.


  • Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight
  • Nicole da Silva as Charlie
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Matt Castley as Ajax
  • Belinda Bromilow as Betty
  • Charles Wu as Ken
  • Miranda Tapsell as April
  • Kate Jenkinson as Tara
  • Dustin Clare as Jarrod


  • Poppy & Georgia Corlett, Valerie & Eliza Notley-Placido as Baby Eliza
  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Zoe Carides as Nancy Miller
  • Marko & Noah Petkovic as Jimmy
  • Vanessa Buckley as Kimberly
  • Alice Ansara as Green Annie
  • Haylee Rivers as Waitress
  • Uli Latukefu as Darren
  • Tim Potter as Eddie
  • Mary-Anne Halpin as CEO
  • Meredith O'Reilly as Lawyer


  • "Peace Blossom Boogie" performed by The Babe Rainbow
  • "Back To Life" performed by Fergus James
  • "Jungle" performed by Tash Sultana
  • "Murder In The Mind" performed by Tash Sultana
  • "Delivery Man" performed by The Cruel Sea