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The Things We Do For Love

Episode 5.04 (44)
Australia: Wed, May 19, 2021
368,000 viewers (18th)
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Erin White

Hugh's romance with Sharna hits a rocky patch when she threatens to shut down the hospital. Charlie devises a plan to solve Meryl's legal problems and help Wes' family.

Sacked from Council by Sharna on the grounds of her corruption, Meryl is saved by the arrival of Michael: a lawyer, and old flameā€¦ but not exactly a white knight.


  • Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight
  • Nicole da Silva as Charlie
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Matt Castley as Ajax
  • Charles Wu as Ken
  • Chantelle Jamieson as Sharna


  • Brandon McLelland as Solicitor
  • Contessa Treffone as Melody
  • Emma Joseph as Eliza
  • Jack & Wolfe Cooper as Jimmy
  • Lincoln Younes as Tom
  • Darren McMullen as Wes
  • John Waters as Michael
  • Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle
  • Gavin Miller as Orderly
  • Jackie Hamilton as Sam
  • Coco Jack Gillies as Larry
  • Rebecca Moore as Nurse
  • Geoffrey Bennett as Errol


  • "Going Up The Country" recorded by Sonar Music, vocals by Patience Hodgson
  • "Yes, I Do" performed by L.A.B
  • "Bound For Glory" performed by Angry Anderson
  • "Come Back Before I Come Back To My Senses" performed by Something For Kate
  • "Out of Mind Out of Sight" performed by The Models
  • "Come Said The Boy" performed by Mondo Rock