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Deep Fake

Episode 6
Thu, September 28, 2023 (Stan)
Written by Kick Gurry
Directed by Kick Gurry

Sean Penn is on his way to Behati-Prinsloo to trade places with the boys. Director Bustard commits to letting the boys go home, and killing Penn. The boys, fearing their growing irrelevance in their own story, will stop Sean Penn from saving them! Josie Justice seeks to reveal the truth, while the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence try desperately to hide it.

The boys try to convince Director Bustard that letting Sean Penn bring the rebels' story to the attention of the world will get a better end result. But the Director believes freedom must be won in blood. He'll send the boys home, and kill Penn.

Shammi and Phil still haven't sealed their romance, but she gives him a note, to be opened after they've bid farewell to the Director.

Josie is dejected at Penn stealing her thunder, until Jemima delivers her a coup. Jemima has stolen the Colonel's phone and with it the dick pic that the boys erased from the Princess' phone — the operation that started the whole circus.

Director Bustard drops the boys back at the shallow grave he found them in. They fear becoming simply 'the boys Sean Penn was killed in replacement for'. But when Phil opens the note from Shammi, it seems to bear the location of the rendezvous point! Phil will stay with his beloved Shammi, as Rowdy, Dylan and Albhanis head off to intercept Penn.

When Phil arrives back at the camp, the rebels are building up their military might. Shammi reveals that the note didn't contain a rendezvous point — that was just something on the back of the paper she wrote her note on. The boys arrive at the location, where they're intercepted by American soldiers, who let them go when they recognise Dylan Fox the koala killer — one of their favorite viral video stars.

Josie's scoop story will be broadcast after Sean Penn's coverage. She's filming from the ground in Behati-Prinsloo as Penn jumps out of his plane, filming his descent. The boys rush to meet Penn, Director Bustard is there ready to kill him… but Penn seems to crash into the ocean, and certain death.

Escaping Director Bustard's attempts to kill them one last time, and with Indy's treatment now fully funded, Rowdy, Albhanis and Dylan are seemingly home free. But the island has one last sting in its tail for our boys. This adventure isn't over yet.


  • Ben O’Toole as Rowdy Gaines
  • Kick Gurry as Dylan Fox
  • Lincoln Younes as Albhanis Mouawad
  • Alexander England as Phil Choi
  • Mel Jarnson as Shammi Amaral
  • Dorian Nkono as Mamalo Amaral
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Director Bustard
  • Rebecca Breeds as Josie Justice
  • Bella Heathcote as Jemima Justice
  • Erik Thomson as Colonel Bishop
  • Karl Stefanovic as Karl Stefanovic
  • Allison Langdon as Allison Langdon
  • Sarah Abo as Sarah Abo
  • Emily Adler as Indi Gaines
  • Silvia Colloca as Princess Depinder
  • Helen Chebatte as Maram Mouawad
  • Simon Elrahi as Jahaan Mouawad
  • Gabrielle Chan as Soojoo Choi
  • Kee Choon 'KC' Lee as Sukku Choi
  • Rob Carlton as Tony Barber
  • Angela Mahlatjie as Staff Sergeant
  • George Pullar as Gunnery Sergeant
  • Hamish MacDonald as Private Dumas
  • V Trivedi as Pirate
  • Benjamin Wang as Pirate 2
  • Niall Connon-Jackson as Wayne Michael Peters
  • Nisrine Amine as Reporter
  • Danny Kim as Korean Talk Show Host
  • Bronte Bailey as Newsreader
  • Amanda Maple-Brown as Newsreader
  • Kevin Copeland as Newsreader
  • Karen Pang as Newsreader
  • Patrick Millin as Stunt Double
  • John C. McGlnley as Axel Johannes
  • Nicholas Hammond as Ambassador Moriconne [uncredited]
  • Jessica De Gouw as Mara Buxbaum
  • Ian Thorpe as Ian Thorpe
  • Claire Lovering as Atlantis Gaines
  • Brandon McLelland as Gary Garry
  • Tuppence Middleton as Penny Pimberhurst
  • Bryan Brown as Warren Whistle
  • Matthew Fox as Lieutenant Pete
  • Susan Sarandon as Alaska Adams
  • Sean Penn as Sean Penn


  • "Invincible" performed by Eddie Vedder