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Episode 4
Thu, September 28, 2023 (Stan)
Written by Kick Gurry
Directed by Kick Gurry

All hell breaks loose as The Dingo attempts to kill the boys. Phil takes a bullet where it hurts, and Rowdy must suck up all his courage to get it out. Just when all seems lost, Phil's past saves the day as he talks the Dingo down from his rampage by reconnecting him to his inner child, who always dreamed of a much less violent and much more choreographed adulthood.

Bullets fly through the POW Camp. There's too much firepower for it to be government forces. When Phil braves an appeal for a cease re, he takes a bullet where it hurts, and Rowdy must suck up all his courage to get it out.

Albhanis does a reconnaissance and comes back to reveal that it's just one man attacking them. It must be 'The Dingo', an enigmatic figure who they thought died in Vietnam.

A Skype call comes into the Director's hut. Josie. They HAVE to answer it. But when they do, Josie doesn't believe it can be a single Australian mercenary attacking them, and hangs up. Josie is furious with Jemima, until Jemima reveals evidence of an ASIO program to create an Australian super soldier…

Under heavy fire, the boys record what could be a final message — but it will take 14 minutes to upload. Phil will stay behind to make sure it does. Shammi covers the three boys as they scarper to a bunker, just as The Dingo enters the camp. They escape down a toilet hole, landing in some real shit, as The Dingo prepares to toss a hand grenade down after them.

Out of bullets, Shammi takes on The Dingo, martial arts style. She's quickly knocked out, and with the upload complete, Phil takes on The Dingo, using not his firepower, but psychology.

Phil talks The Dingo down from his rampage, by reconnecting him to his inner child, who always dreamed of a di erent and much less violent adulthood — as a dancer. Phil draws on the core painful moment in his own childhood — when he discovered that he wasn't who he thought he was. The Dingo opens up his vulnerability, but the boys' misstep and he feels duped. The Dingo launches the hand grenade, but is taken down at the last minute. With The Dingo's locator extinguished, the Australians and Americans presume his job is done.

But the boys are still alive, and another chance for them to rise again steps onto Behati soil — in the form of Josie Justice.


  • Ben O’Toole as Rowdy Gaines
  • Kick Gurry as Dylan Fox
  • Lincoln Younes as Albhanis Mouawad
  • Alexander England as Phil Choi
  • Mel Jarnson as Shammi Amaral
  • Dorian Nkono as Mamalo Amaral
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Director Bustard
  • Rebecca Breeds as Josie Justice
  • Bella Heathcote as Jemima Justice
  • Erik Thomson as Colonel Bishop
  • Gabrielle Chan as Soojoo Choi
  • Kee Choon 'KC' Lee as Sukku Choi
  • Jye McCallum as Young Phil Choi
  • Luca Donoghue as Chad Kenny
  • Nick Cole as Evil Sensei
  • Kuni Hashimoto as Phil's Sensei
  • Michelle Collins as Phylis Justice
  • Joshua Nyquist as Tyler
  • Millie Lohmann as Shammi Stunt Double
  • Douglas Chalmers as Dingo Stunt Double
  • Matt De Souza as Mamalo / Guard Stunt Double
  • Chris Stanley as Guard Stunt Double
  • Chong Wei Zhang as Guard Stunt Double
  • Martin 'Reyes' Stanna as Guard Stunt Double
  • Phil Partridge as Stunt Coordinator
  • Hamish MacDonald as Stand-In
  • John C. McGlnley as Axel Johannes
  • Nicholas Hammond as Ambassador Moriconne
  • Olga Korotyateva as Ukranian Commando
  • Jessica De Gouw as Mara Buxbaum [v.o.]
  • Tuppence Middleton as Penny Pimberhurst
  • Travis Fimmel as The Dingo
  • Bryan Brown as Warren Whistle
  • Matthew Fox as Lieutenant Pete
  • Susan Sarandon as Alaska Adams
  • Sean Penn as Sean Penn