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Episode 3
Thu, September 28, 2023 (Stan)
Written by Kick Gurry
Directed by Kick Gurry

With Director Bustard incensed by the escaped American, the boys must raise the stakes and deliver him exactly what he wants. Notoriety on a world scale! That chance comes in the form of a live, prime time interview with Josie Justice. But the boys are proving embarrassing for the Australians and Americans, so a dangerous mercenary known as 'The Dingo' is sent in to clean up the mess, and halt the growing success of their mission for fame.

Director Bustard speeds off, guns blazing, to track down the escaped American. Fearing for their lives when he returns, the boys will cut together what was captured on tape, with Bustard's notes. Less crying, less little sick girls — too sad, and the rebels winning in the end.

As they edit the video, Shammi and Phil begin to connect romantically. Meanwhile, with the Americans continuing to apply pressure, infamous mercenary 'The Dingo' is dispatched. If anyone can clean up this mess, he can.

Looking for inspiration online, the boys see their first video being torn apart as a fake. But, it has 183,000 views and counting. Albhanis has become #hotsoldier, Dylan is #KoalaKillerRedeemed, and $27,000 has been raised for Indy. Rowdy knows this won't hold unless they show their predicament isn't fake. They will need to be fake tortured.

Albhanis tries a slo-mo, muscles rippling torture video. Dylan thinks they need to show a tortured soul, and records a 30 minute monologue. Rowdy knows they need real pain, so Mamolo tears off one of his fingernails with pliers. Rowdy screams, Dylan throws up. It's unusable too. They need another solution.

Seven years earlier, Dylan accidentally stabbed a koala on live morning TV. In the same broadcast, Josie Justice sealed her fate by verbally abusing a child celebrity. Both were cancelled. Josie senses the boys' story is fake, so Jemima gives her the IP address of the computer that was used to upload the video.

Josie skypes into the computer. She wants to see signs of torture, and she wants Director Bustard to be part of the story. If this story grabs the world's attention, Josie can redeem herself.

Josie butters up Director Bustard. He's in. But as they plan for the exclusive interview, Director Bustard is shot in the neck. The Dingo has arrived.


  • Ben O’Toole as Rowdy Gaines
  • Kick Gurry as Dylan Fox
  • Lincoln Younes as Albhanis Mouawad
  • Alexander England as Phil Choi
  • Mel Jarnson as Shammi Amaral
  • Dorian Nkono as Mamalo Amaral
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Director Bustard
  • Rebecca Breeds as Josie Justice
  • Bella Heathcote as Jemima Justice
  • Erik Thomson as Colonel Bishop
  • Karl Stefanovic as Karl Stefanovic
  • Sarah Abo as Sarah Abo
  • Karina Banno as Stage Manager
  • Ariel Donoghue as Ranger Mindy
  • Rob Carlton as Tony Barber
  • Millie Lohmann as Shammi Stunt Double
  • Paul Doyle as Bustard Driving Double
  • Phil Partridge as Stunt Coordinator
  • Hamish MacDonald as Stand-In
  • John C. McGlnley as Axel Johannes
  • Nicholas Hammond as Ambassador Moriconne
  • Jessica De Gouw as Mara Buxbaum
  • Emily Adler as Indi Gaines
  • Tuppence Middleton as Penny Pimberhurst
  • Travis Fimmel as The Dingo
  • Bryan Brown as Warren Whistle
  • Matthew Fox as Lieutenant Pete
  • Susan Sarandon as Alaska Adams [v.o.]
  • Sean Penn as Sean Penn